Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacuuming down the hall- Jan 30

Buenos Dias!
This last week was amazing!
  1. On Wednesday, I received some really sad news. I felt like I just couldn't work. So I prayed that I could just work. We went to contact someone and they were not home. We went to try to see someone else and they weren't home. I felt like it was difficult to smile. We saw this lady down the hall...far down the hall. She was vacuuming. So sometimes as missionaries you have to be a little awkward. We were going to have to walk all the way down the hall to talk to her. We really do try to talk to everyone. So we went down the hall and as we got closer I realized I know her. Her name is Graciela. Hna. Coughlen and I found her and her husband back in July. They actually live in our apartment complex. She was excited to see me and I was excited to see her. We made an appointment. Seriously a tender mercy!
  2. So We went back to see her on Saturday. We got there and there were so many family members there. We had to get rid of some of the distractions that were going on. We sat down at the table and begun talking. I asked Graciela how she felt when she was meeting with us. She said that she felt peace and just didn't worry about things that much, even though they both did not have jobs. They stooped meeting with us because they both got a job and were too busy. Well the day that we saw her, she lost her job. To make things even crazier, so did her husband. The Spirit was there in that lesson. We were able to talk about the blessing that come because of the message we share. You can always tell when a lesson has the Spirit. It is just so much easier to speak and things are so much more fluid. We not only taught Graciela but two of her sons and her daughter in law. They were excited to read! They all accepted getting baptized. This experience just taught me once again, calls from God are real and powerful.
  3. Another amazing thing happened right after we left there apartment. We went to the church for a meeting. When we got there, there were two wonderful people dressed in white. A family that I taught several months ago, la familia Mancera, was getting baptized. Maria and Alfredo looked amazing. Earlier that week that had gotten married. They had called earlier that day, but like normal we were running around like crazy. They were so happy to see me there. I was able to stand and take pictures and attend their baptism. I felt the Spirit so strong as they made that convenant with God. They both shared their testimony afterwards. They both spoke of Hermana Coughlen and I teaching them. Freddy really made me amazed. He said something that he had never told us before. At first, he did not meet with us. He said that he would listen as we talked with his wife from the other room. He spoke of a time shortly after he met with us for the frist time. He heard a voice at night telling him this is happiness and the thing he needed to do. So the next morning he took them all to church. He was so important to helping that whole family. I just loved seeing them. So next year.....TEMPLE!
  4. Another amazing blessing. Eliva. Elvia is a woman who is returning to church. She was baptized 10 years ago and wasn't very active. She is on fire. The other day we went to teach her the Word of Wisdom and she said that she drinks coffee. That day she just poured it out. Now she just drinks hot chocolate. This woman is amazing. We called her ten minutes before the Mancera's baptism and she came. She said " We don't know when Jesus will come again so we better be ready!" She also is now going to appointments with us. I love her so much.
  5. The other day we were down town and went to visit someone. They weren't home :) So I saw this bright green house as we were driving and decided to go and knock it. Well while we were waiting for someone to come to the door, we said hi to the neighbor that was outside. We later went and talked to her. Her name is Clariece and she is a large black woman. I am pretty sure she had been drinking. She was hilarious. When we introduced ourself as missionaries she kissed our hands lol. We asked her if we could sit down and talk to her. So we sat on the pourch and prayed and started talking about her relationship with God. She told us how she had been baptized pentacolastal, went to the buddhist church and said "Even the mormon's baptized me!" I looked at Hermana Rios and we were surprised. So we talked her more about it. Now she is being taught by some other missionaries. We also met another less active just walking and talked to him. The Lord is so aware of us.
  6. The last thing I want to talk about it probably the best thing I have learned, received as a missionary. LOVE. Yesterday, I went around the chapel talking to everyone just like normal. I stopped to talk to Hermana Morales. This lady is really old. She is on dialysis and is always very sick. I sad down by her and she just started to tear up. I felt so much love for this lady. When I first got here, she scared me. I felt so much love for this one person. The rest of church I felt it too. Overwhelming love and gratitude. After church, I got a blessing. I just feel tired :) The blessing told me so many great things. I just felt so great. I realized my biggest fear about going home is not having this love for other people. Honestly, I am terrified to go home. I just don't want to loose this love for others. I learned this week a little bit more that I can always be a missionary. I really think this is my motto for my life : Love and missionary work. I love being a missionary so much. I would never trade it for anything.
I hope that you liked the amazing week. I loved it!
Hermana Spencer

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