Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the road again........ May 14

Dear Family and Friends.....

So I am not going to lie.......I just lost all of your letter...all of
it. So you will get a brief one.

I am getting transfered. I am training a missionary - she already has
1 transfer, but now you get trained for two transfers. I am also white
washing. And it looks like I am going to a small town called Meeker.
It seems to be in the middle of no where. I am super excited. It does
not have a walmart.

So I have wondered if I have made a difference in this ward. I still
feel like I don't know anyone.

Here is an excert from my letter to president :

"Dear President Maynes,

Can I just tell you that I am super excited about transfers. I really
feel like this is an answer to my prayers. I am super excited to go
work hard. I am of course nervous, but more exicted then nervous.

Yesterday, I was sitting in church and wonder if I was even able to
help this ward this last transfer. Hna. Ruiz has been sick the
majority of the time. I was thinking about this and as the day went on
and we went to see some people, I realized that I have made a
difference. We have several less actives and recent converts preparing
to go to the temple. They are doing more things than they were before.
Also we have completely different investigators than when I first got

One of the investigators is Melissa Ortiz. She is 9. President this is
a prepared little girl. We went by yesterday and she was so excited to
tell us about her reading. She talked about how she felt as she read.
She said, "I just felt something inside here (pointing to her chest)
telling me to do good things." I learn and relearn how the gospel is
simple enough for children and how the Spirit still talks to them. We
gave her a reading assignment and before we were out the door she had
already started and had answered our question. We are going to put
them on date today! I am sad that I will not be here to keep teaching
her, but am so happy to have met her.

President I love being a missionary. I love it more and more each day
and do not want it to end. I have struggled a lot with self doubt and
not knowing if I have done enough. I still struggle with these things,
but I have learned a little bit more how to handle them and also how
to have hope and faith that God uses the little I do for His children.
Going to the baptism in Denver 4th was a great blessing. It felt good
to be back where I knew the people and remember and feel the love that
I have for them. There are several baptisms that will happen there and
I am excited to see how the ward changes. President it helped me so
much to see that real success is loving the people and doing all you
can to help them. I am so excited to go to this new area and just help
it along. I still feel like I don't know how to be a missionary, but I
will do my best. "

So I am super excited. I am still sad that you wont get the email that
I wrote you all. I really do feel like this transfer is an answer to
my prayers. God really knows what I need. He loves us so much.

So I did get to go to the baptism of Zaul in Denver 4th. It was so
great. I felt like I was going back home. People were excited to see
me again as well. Obispo Campos almost gave me a hug he got so
excited. I just love them so much.

Well I will write again soon about our awesome area. So please send
mail to mission office.

With love from Denver,
Hermana Spencer

P.S. Sam can you put all of these letters on my blog? Por favor?

Dear Sis. Lao,

Sis. Ruiz wants you to write her back ...because she wrote you!
Excited to meet you!

Hermana Spencer

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