Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tengo Hambre- April 9

Dear Family and Friends,

So I now in Denver 1st! Here is my new address:

7160 W. Cedar Ave #1
Lakewood, CO 80226

Seriously write me :)

So leaving Denver 4th was sad. Yazmin had her baby the day that I
left. I got to hear her cry over the phone. It was so cute. It is
weird to think about all of the people there and not be a part of
their lives as much. I feel like they are such a part of mine. I love
them so much.

Transfers were interesting. Hermana Coughlen went home! I got to see
E. Ovalle. He told me about Vail. They don't have a lot to do on
p-days so they go thrift store shopping and fishing lol. Hermana Rios
was with us all day because she was waiting on her companion.

It is weird being in a new area. So here is a little about Denver 1st:
1. We cover three stakes.
2. There are tons of hispanics :)
3. There are more mexican food places.
4. So far almost all of our dinners have cancelled on us (this is why
I am hungry - see the title)
5. Our apartment is less ghetto.
6. The ward is doing great.
7. I don't know anyone :)

I feel like I don't fit in lol.....hopefully that will change soon.
Church yesterday was really great. One of our investigators came to
church - Hilda (yes a different Hilda). It was her first time and it
was my first time so we got to know each other. Gospel Principles was
a little scary. The teacher randomly asks people
questions....yesterday the lesson was about priesthood organization.
It looks like it will be interesting. The ward meets in a building
with a perfect view of down town. It is such a lovely building. The
ward members are so nice and loving. Ohh and I am giving a talk next
week :)

My new companion: Hermana Ruiz:
1. She is from California (the same place as Hermana Romero).
2. She was trained by Hna. Thomas and Hna. Coughlen :)
3. She is super hilarious.
4. She likes to eat just like me..... so sadly I might get fatter
before I go home.
5. I am really excited to get to know her more and to learn from her.

So some experiences from this week.
1. Dinner yesterday. So most people have cancelled with us this week,
but yesterday we had dinner. Hermana Ruiz warned me that it wouldn't
be amazing. We went over with the Elders (E. Rosario - I served with
him in Grand Junction and E. Woods - He just got back from Vail). The
meal consisted of: beans, lentles, spaghetti, and meat with chile
colorado. I am so grateful for tortialls. They saved us all. I tried
to eat all of the meat really fast to get rid of it. With random bites
of spaghetti to save my taste buds. Then I decided to work on the
lentles.....I do not know what was wrong with them. They were not
good. I felt like I was going to die at one point....I just couldn't
get the food to go down. So welcome to Denver 1st Hermana Spencer.

2. The other day we went to contact some referrals. I really prayed
hard that we could find someone to help. I saw this girl far away and
decided to talk to her. Her name is Megan. It turns out that she was
baptized in St. George Utah when she was nine and is the only member
of her family. It seems like her life is not going very well. I felt
the Spirit when I bore my testimony to her. It felt so good to say
those things to her. I felt like Heavenly Father had given me that
opportunity to help her. He really does answer my prayers.

3. The other day we went to see a LA, which wasn't home and decided to
talk to the lady on her porch across the street. We had to make the
weird walk to her pourch....open the gate and talk to her akwardly
while we walk. Seriously, you think about these things when you do
this everyday. She was super nice. When we got there the phone rang.
It was her son that was just being put with immigration. (Seriously,
its a really sad thing every time.) She was crying and we were able to
share our testimonies with her. We were supposed to be there. God
always blesses us when we open our mouths.

Well so here is all the news from Denver 1st!

Love ya,
Hermana Spencer

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