Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm going to be a Mom! - Jan 9

Dear Family and Friends,
This last week as interesting....just like everyone. I feel so grateful to be on a mission. So TRANSFERS! I am staying in Denver 4th! AND I am TRAINING! So that is exciting. Since there is only one spanish sister coming it is super easy to know what will happen. She already speaks spanish .... which means hers is better than mine. I am super excited to train. I feel like its an answer to my prayers.
I feel like the things that have happened recently are so hard to explain. I feel like I need to become a better missionary and am really excited about it. I feel like the Lord needs me to be better and I am excited to change.
We had an interesting experience this last week. After district meeting, we went to see Irene. I have taught her for a long time. After hearing about amazing experiences that other missionaries had had....I really wanted to put her on date. We role played it in the car and decided on Feb. 11th. I was super nervous. We had made the plans to do this and I knew the Lord could help us. So we asked her. It wasn't like anything miraclous occured...but she accepted the date. She felt good about it too. It just shows that if we put our faith in the Lord, He can do all things.
Also this week, we went to go visit a less active. As we were driving, I saw an apartment building and just thought...we should knock there. Well the LA was not home.....I decided to go and knock. We were led to the second floor and it was like the Spirit was leading me to a door. The first door we knocked a lady opened it holding a baby. She is from Napal. She spoke some english and invited us into her home. We taught her about the restoration. The Spirit was there....and I'm sure that that is what she felt. She invited us back to teach her and her husband this week. I wish that we  didn't have to hand her over.
This morning, I read a talk about missionary work. It talks about becoming the missionary the Lord wants us to be. It talks about giving your heart. I realize that I haven't given everything to the Lord. I haven't given Him all of my desires, my good desires. I feel like I have only given part of my heart. So this is what my goal has become for the last 6 months of my mission. I love being a missionary. I love the hardness and the way it helps me to learn. I had a really hard day yesterday. I just felt like I had nothing else to give.... As the day went on, I just chose the people over myself. Last night, I got on my knees and cried. I just felt like I couldn't do it anymore. I just told Heavenly Father everything that was going on and the things that I needed. I didn't just say I prayer...I prayed. I just felt peace and I was so grateful that He listens. That He loves me. That He knows what is best for me. So pray, it works!
So this next week should be fun...and hard. I hope that I can really help this new missionary. I hope that we can also find the people God wants us to find.
I miss you and love you,
Hermana Spencer

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