Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cinco de Mayo and I'm practically engaged- May 7

Familia y Amigos,

Les quiero mucho! Ustedes son lo maximo!

So this last week was an interesting week. I will first start by
telling you a great story.

So did you know that Cinco de Mayo is crazy here. Apparently we have
the biggest celebration in the United States. Just so you know it is
not for Mexican independence....which lots of people, even hispanics,
say.There are so many cop cars. I hate Cinco de Mayo.  For a spanish
missionary here....it is the worst. All of our appointments cancelled
and no one was home. The people that were home were all having fiestas
in their front yards. They even close a major street so people can
drive around with Mexican flags and girls in bikinis. Yep that is

So the funny part about Cinco de Mayo is when we visited Hermana
Alcorta. She is a LA that we visit. 2 weeks ago she decided that I
should date her nephew. She even asked him to send a text message with
a picture of him. So we go to see her on Saturday. We walk down the
steps to find her super excited that we are there. Soon after we
realized why. Her brother and her sister-in-law were in town. That
nephew of hers......well these were his parents. They were there
dropping of some furniture that they made for Hermana Alcorta. They
soon realized who I was and proceeded to talk about him and I. They
got out a picture of him and keep saying "Isn't he super good
looking." "He was a great missionary. He baptized a lot of people."
"He is fluent in Spanish and English." "I want him to marry a returned
sister missionary for our grandkids." With every statement, I got more
and more uncomfortable. I was sweating for sure. They were not kidding
in the least bit. They found out that I was going home soon and were
super excited so we could get married soon. They live in New Mexico
and were excited that Lubbock was not that far. They could come and
visit.His dad even said that he would make all of our furniture...and
I could choose how I wanted it. I felt so uncomforable. Hna. Ruiz
didn't help at all. I ended up giving them my address. They just kept
talking about it. Seriously, I tried to change the conversation so
many times. We finally were able to teach the Hermana. I could not
think at all. I committed her to read a chapter. She has a hard time
praying with us in lessons and we finally got her to do it last time.
She didn't want to do it so I made her pinkie promise for next time.
Then her brother proceeded to make me pinkie promise that I would
write his son back. So we shall see if he writes me. Maybe we will get
married and have cute mexican babies. I will not miss this about the

So the rest of the week was not super eventful. We did find some new
great investigators. I feel like God is answering my prayers. I have
been praying for members to give us their friends to teach. The other
day we went to dinner and a recent convert invited her friend over so
we could teach her. She is super interested and really liked it. We
will soon meet her boyfriend. I feel really good about it.

Yesterday, the elders had a baptism and we were able to take Melissa,
our 9 yr old investigator. We invited her and her siblings to come and
the mom said it would be fine. Well we went by yesterday to get them
ready to go. Melissa was the only one who wanted to go. She is so
awesome. She has memorized 1 Nephi 3:7 and says it to us all the time.
She always does her homework, even though she has tons of school. She
got up and dressed quickly and went without her siblings. She really
liked the baptism and afterwards as we took her to her dad's car,
where he was waiting, she said this, "My dad says that you want me to
get baptized." I said, "Well we do but it is your decision, not ours."
"Well if it is up to me I say yes." This little girl loves to choose
the right. It is true that even little children can make good

The other day we visted a LA, who has a crazy little girl named
Esther. I love this little girl. She runs around crazy but has so much
love in her heart. She is 3 years old and her mom told us that she
finds her kneeling in her room praying. When she askes her what she
prays for, she answers, "I can't tell you." She is sure that she prays
for her dolls. When were over there she said such a wonderful prayer.
Anyone can learn the gospel.

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. Before I bore my testimony,
Hermana Rivera went (she is 89 yrs old). She bore a powerful testimony
that said that she would continue to praise the name of God until her
very last day. She will continue to be obedient until her last day.
Next month we are going to sing with her in sacrament.

I love being a missionary so much. I feel like it gets harder every
day and I get more and more tired. We are working hard here. I am
getting to know so many of the people better and better and am finally
feeling like I can make a difference in this ward. I am trying to help
the members too. The other day I noticed one of my favorite members
standing off from the group and she looked sad. I went and asked her
how she was doing and she said she was fine and I just said "Well you
look like something is wrong." She then told me that she had just
found out her uncle died in Mexico. She is a returned missionary and
knows the gospel and has a testimony. I was able to help her a little
bit. I know that God helps us notice when people need us.

The gospel is so true my friends and family. I love it so much. I am
excited to always be a missionary. So watch out world!

Hermana Spencer

P.S. Go check out Mormon.org! Its great!

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