Tuesday, May 29, 2012

April 23

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was an interesting week....that I can't remember. Just a note....we now write in the family history center and all the missionaries are here and we just end up talking...so sorry if this is a little random.
So here are some stories.....
1. We have these investigators...Hilda and Jaime (boy's name in spanish). Jaime really likes to joke with us and offer us coffee every time....well this time he offered us tea. So me trying to go along with his joke said yes. We were laughing and then he brought us two big glasses of tea......lol. It was just funny because he didn't realize that I was joking, becuase he thinks I'm a 'serious" person. We had a great lesson with them. Jaime likes to talk alot. We invited them to church and he said that he wasn't going to be able to go because h was just too tired. So I was able to promise him blessings. Then he mentioned that he wanted a new job. He has been looking for a new one for a year. So Hna. Ruiz promised him that if he would go to church he would get a job. It was so powerful. They went to church yesterday and it seemed like he liked it. Hilda loved it the last time and loved it again.
2. Yesterday at church a family from Denver 4th came and can I just tell you all how happy it made me. I feel like that was forever ago. It just made my heart feel so happy. I love those people so much.
3. The other day we went to visit an investigator and she said to come back later. Her neightbors were outside and we decided to go talk to them. One of them is actually an investigator of the Zone Leaders that we all are praying for her. The other one will hopefully be one of our investigators soon. Well the little girls were playing hopstoch and well me being me decided to play with them. So in the words of my companion, " You were doing so good and I was surprised." So I was doing great untill.....SMACK! I hit the stairwell super hard. I hadn't realized that it was there because it wasn't a problem for all of the kids. So yep....Hna. Ruiz will just start randomly laughing......because of this.
4. Ortiz Family. We went to visit the parents of the children we teach. The mom is a less active and the dad is not a member. We went to ask them if they could get baptized. They both said that whatever they decided would be fine with them. So the kids are thinking about it! We are really excited for them. I love teaching them. They have so many questions.
Sorry this is so short....the elders kept distracting me. More next week!
Hermana Spencer

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