Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My year mark in Denver 4th- Mar 19

Dear Family! and Amigos!
This Thursday marks one year in the area. Wow! It went by so fast. I love the people so much.
This last week was really interesting.
Yesterday, we were able to teach several people. In every lesson, I felt the Spirit work in me. I felt like there were power to my words. I felt like I could really speak of the words of Jesus Christ. We were teaching Juana and Armando. Armando will be getting baptized soon. Juana is progressing, slowly but surely. Yesterday, we taught them the ten commandments Juana prays to "la virgen" and before yesterday didn't understand why it was important to not do that. I realized that commandment number 2 - to not worship idols - is a huge blessing. When we only worship God the Father through prayer, we can grow a realationship with Him, we can feel His love more. I love knowing that we have the commandments to help and protect us. Yesterday, we taught Estela, a less active, about obedience. We used the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham got up early to leave (shows his willingness and diligence to be obedient) to sacrifice his only son. I just felt the Spirit so strongly when I told this story. I want to love God enough to do and give up anything.
I love the mission so much. I love knowing that God can work through me ..... a very weak person and do great things. I have seen the ward change .... just a little bit as a whole, but in the lives of many....a whole lot. I love knowing that God will continue to bless the people here, because He loves them. Hilda yesterday said soemthing that made me so happy. She said that she knows that if she has a problem that she can go to God in prayer and scripture study.....HOW POWERFUL IS THAT when you REALLY know that?
I feel like the mission is full of sweet experiences. The other day I was able to help Bishop Campos in english class. I was able to help him read and learn how to pray in english. I love this man. He and his wife have taught me so much. I love the people in this ward so much. Yazmin, a less active, is about to have her baby soon. . . like two weeks or less. She has decided to name her Allyson ( she liked the y better) after me. I am so excited to see this little girl that has changed Yazmin's life. She understands that she has to be active, because if she doesn't do it then her little girl will not also. I remember when she found out she was pregnant and thought.....man this is going to be such a huge trial. It has been, but it has also been a huge blessing. I love knowing that God, can do more with us and our trials.
Transfers are in two weeks. . . . duh dua dun! What will happen....nobody knows!
I love you all,
Hermana Spencer

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