Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snow, Rain and Sunshine April 16

Dear citizens of Texas, California and New Mexico, (and others who read this)
So I just finished my second week in Denver 1st and I still feel pretty weird. I love getting to know new people and love them. I really hope that I can love them just as much as I love the members of Denver 4th.
So a couple of stories for you:
1. Cori - She got baptized last year with Hna. Thomas and is awesome. We went to teach her about callings and VT. It turns out that that was an answer to her prayers. She had prayed earlier that week that she would be able to know how to serve God better. She struggles in a lot of the same ways that I do. Satan works on her in a way that makes her think she is not doing enough and that she is not good enough. It was so great that we were able to help her :)
2. Hna Loera - She is a less active lady that has been sowing since she was12 years old. She is really nice. We talked to her about gaining a vision of going to the temple. I felt strongly to ask her to pray for a date specifically and then to promise her blessings. As a missionary, we really do have the power to promise blessings. I love every time that I know Heavenly Father told me something specifically to help someone. I love being a missionary.
3. Hna Rivera - She is going to turn 90 this year. We go and sing to her....well I play the piano ..... remember how I don't actually play the piano....well thats how it goes. She is so sweet. This last week she cooked for us without telling us, but we had just eaten alot. So we told her we would take it with us this time. Hna. Ruiz told her that I could cook and so she just said she wasn't a good cook. We told her not to say that and she just said "Its not bad to say that you are bad at things that are actually true." I thought about that alot and realized I can be honest about the things that I am not good at and not be talking bad about myself. Example: I cannot park next to a curb to save my life....Hna. Ruiz always laughes at me for it.
4. President Interviews - They were really good and really helped me. I wish I had more time to tell you about it....cross my fingers next week!
Well things are great and I love being a missionary. I hope all of you are great. Please write.....I haven't gotten one letter at this apartment yet. :(
Hermana Espencer

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