Saturday, February 27, 2010


So funny story:

Yesterday, I was leaving the lab and thought I should go to the bathroom....then I had the thought ohh just wait till you go home. That seemed silly. So I walked to the 5th floor bathroom and the janitors were in it. Then I went to the first floor bathroom.

An important part of this story is I looked cute. I had a nice shirt and a cute sweater on. Little did I know ( quote) that this would be key to my day. Then I went into the bathroom. I then went to the bathroom ( sorry its important).

I got up from the toilet and guess what happened! I heard something fall into the water. My PHONE FELL IN THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!! That cute sweater with the cute tiny pockets that contained my precious cell phone failed me. I frantically turned around and saw it in the water and before I could try to get it out....THE AUTOMATIC TOILET SUCKED IT AWAY.

I used to love automatic toilets. You never have to worry about walking into a stall and see a gross toilet. They have also failed me. The sad thing about this story is that all I could do was laugh. I laughed all the way to the 5th floor. IT was so FUNNY! So until further notice I cannot call anyone!The rest of yesterday was spent at a Murder Mystery Party. Which will be discussed later!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lab Day and UT

So I am sitting in the lab right now.
I've been alone here all day, which in my lab is quite unusual!

There is my lab and me with my flies!

But I wish it looked like this:

I really miss these people!

So Update:
I got back from my UT interview on Sunday. It was a good weekend but I am not sure that I fit in in Austin. I had one of those weekends when you realize how different you are. I was inspired last week by some of the faculty from UT. . . . (While writing this blog I have just received admission to UT!) So I have at least got into one school! But the faculty at UT do great things.

This is one of their photos. I really enjoy microscopy. Well now I feel like I need to think about UT a little more. I really did not expect to hear back so soon! Science!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

I should be organizing my room, but I needed a break.
I really liked today. I woke up went to class. Went to the lab. Went to Taco Tuesday! Which I happen to love and look forward to every week. Came home and Rudy came over.

Rudy is a great friend.

We have been friends since freshmen chemistry and I really love him. We haven't gotten to chat for awhile and so he just stopped by to see me. Its funny because, I don't think I really understood how to love people that weren't a part of your family fully until college. Rudy has always been there for me. He is always there to tell me I'm a great person. I know he is a true friend because he edifies and uplifts me every time I see him. He never puts me down.

There are some thoughts....back to organizing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


B- Burning Man...A song by Third Eye Blind that I rediscovered today and really like!
I- I woke up with a smile on my face!
N- New experience tomorrow, I hope its another day to wake up with a smile on my face.
G- Gorgeous Hannah helped my day be alot better!
O- O is for Oatmeal...which I don't like very much!

WE played BINGO again tonight! I wish it started earlier than 11:15p.m.

Tomorrow is Saturday...the day before Sunday! I am excited because I am planning to make people some Italian food. I hope that it goes okay and I can feel good about it tomorrow. I really just need a pick me up.

I talked to Hannah today and I was just reminded of so many things. There are times when the Lord is preparing you to grow....most of the time your not as aware until the time comes to change. The Lord knows that I can be something better. I always worry about meeting His expectations, but I know that its possible. I am ready to grow. (Scary)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today was an interesting day.

Highlights of the day:

Went to lunch with new co-workers. I always realize that grown-ups are not as scary as I think they are. I always worry about situations where you have me (young recent college grad) with professionals, talking and eating. But people are really nice and are just people.

I got to hold a baby. Ralph, who works in the lab with me, and his wife had a baby yesterday. His name is Ezra and he is so adorable. I love holding babies because everything your worried about doesn't seem that important. They just make you smile. I really feel like you feel God's love when you hold a baby. Something so new and perfect. It was a definite plus today.

Institute. I love it. I always walk away feeling I can change. That I, Allison Spencer, can change and become better. I always think of what Harvey said at EFY: "The youth love to feel the spirit." But I always change it to "I love to feel the spirit." Institute always leaves me feeling hopeful, happy, with a new sense of purpose, a greater desire to understand the scriptures and wanting to cry a little. I'm glad we have it.

On Saturday for enrichment we made journals and on the front of mine, I put JUMP IN PUDDLES. Yesterday it rained all day. I walked through some big puddles, because of course I can't find my large, purple rain boot (yes singular). After work, I stopped in front of this big puddle and had the giant urge to just jump in it. If I was with someone I probably would have. I have been thinking about puddles. I feel like I'm stuck next to a set of large puddles. I feel like I have to just splash straight into one of them. Puddles are so much like life decisions.

1) You have to make the decision to jump in.
2) They're scary sometimes.
3) When you jump in you get wet.
4) You get a rush of excitement when you take that plunge!
5) Some times someone drives through one and splashes you.
6) Sometimes there is no way around them.
7) Sometimes they leave you with no pleasure just wet feet!
8) Puddles are always better with friends!
9) Most of the time when there is one puddle there are more near by.
10) A lot of the time there are beautiful reflections in them that made you wish there were always puddles near by.

I love when its warm outside and its raining and it feels so great...Random I know

I have a decision this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>X the distance around the world to make. I know that everything is going to be fine and that I just need to get my feet wet and it will be okay! I can't wait till it will be okay.