Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

I should be organizing my room, but I needed a break.
I really liked today. I woke up went to class. Went to the lab. Went to Taco Tuesday! Which I happen to love and look forward to every week. Came home and Rudy came over.

Rudy is a great friend.

We have been friends since freshmen chemistry and I really love him. We haven't gotten to chat for awhile and so he just stopped by to see me. Its funny because, I don't think I really understood how to love people that weren't a part of your family fully until college. Rudy has always been there for me. He is always there to tell me I'm a great person. I know he is a true friend because he edifies and uplifts me every time I see him. He never puts me down.

There are some thoughts....back to organizing!

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