Saturday, February 6, 2010


B- Burning Man...A song by Third Eye Blind that I rediscovered today and really like!
I- I woke up with a smile on my face!
N- New experience tomorrow, I hope its another day to wake up with a smile on my face.
G- Gorgeous Hannah helped my day be alot better!
O- O is for Oatmeal...which I don't like very much!

WE played BINGO again tonight! I wish it started earlier than 11:15p.m.

Tomorrow is Saturday...the day before Sunday! I am excited because I am planning to make people some Italian food. I hope that it goes okay and I can feel good about it tomorrow. I really just need a pick me up.

I talked to Hannah today and I was just reminded of so many things. There are times when the Lord is preparing you to grow....most of the time your not as aware until the time comes to change. The Lord knows that I can be something better. I always worry about meeting His expectations, but I know that its possible. I am ready to grow. (Scary)

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