Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lab Day and UT

So I am sitting in the lab right now.
I've been alone here all day, which in my lab is quite unusual!

There is my lab and me with my flies!

But I wish it looked like this:

I really miss these people!

So Update:
I got back from my UT interview on Sunday. It was a good weekend but I am not sure that I fit in in Austin. I had one of those weekends when you realize how different you are. I was inspired last week by some of the faculty from UT. . . . (While writing this blog I have just received admission to UT!) So I have at least got into one school! But the faculty at UT do great things.

This is one of their photos. I really enjoy microscopy. Well now I feel like I need to think about UT a little more. I really did not expect to hear back so soon! Science!

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  1. The whole UT thing is very confusing to me. You know the abbreviation for Utah is UT, right? It took me a couple of re-readings to realize you were talking about university of Texas...But now I get it, and am excited for you to come to UT!