Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ire y Hare....I will go and I will do!- Jan 17

Dear wonderful people who read my emails,
I am doing so great this fine morning. I am loving training. I am learning so much about myself and about teaching in general. My new companion is Hermana Rios. She was born in Mexico and grew up in Arizona and Utah. She is really funny and we go along really well together. She is 23 as well and we have a lot of similar experiences. So I am excited to work with her.
So this last week was great. For the first time in my mission, I felt like I really knew how to be a missionary. I have been able to talk to so many people and really teach things that people needed. I fell like Heavenly Father is blessing both of us in abundance. I feel so grateful. The first day of the transfer, I had two greenies with me....Hna. Rios and Hna. Ruiz. We went knocking and it was fun to teach them how to do those things. We also had dinner with Elvia. She was so great. She just told the Elders and my two companions how much she has changed. She really has a testimony on fire. I also got to see Hna. Coughlen. It was so great. I really have missed her. She only has two more transfers AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHH. Everytime someone says how little time I have a get scared.
We were able to do a lot of things this week. We knocked and street contacted so much. It was great because we were able to talk to so many people. Hermana Rios is some times a little timid to talk to people, but is getting over that. We have also witnessed some amazing things.
One thing really important that happened was with one of the less actives that we teach. She currently does not have a place to live. We were talking to her about how she was doing and she informed us about how bad things really were. Her boyfriend sold her car without telling her and has pretty much left them broke. She didn't have any food the other night. So we called the bishop and asked for some help. It was Sunday night and we didn't know what to do. The bishop was trying to figure out something. We prayed to know what to do and we ended up called the best family ever. Without hesitation, they said yes to helping. They bought food for the week, dinner for the night and money for whatever else they needed. The thing that impressed me the most was the love that they gave while doing it. He didn't just buy mac and cheese, he bought the good stuff. He said, "I don't want to just feed them, I want them to be happy." It was so wonderful to see that. I know that he was giving freely. I want to be more like that. I want to give everything that I have, no matter how little or how much it is. Hermana Rios and I learned a great lesson that day.
I have been so amazed at all of the things that I actually know about missionary work. I really feel like I can help Hermana Rios. I hope she feel s the same. We have been working really hard. I know that we are going to see so many blessings.
Ohh other Miracle: Hilda can get divorced! I am so excited. She told us and the elders on Saturday......it will take a couple months and be after I have left the area (most likely).
Seriously, I really think that I needed to be on a mission so I could learn some lessons. Heavenly Father has been so great to me. Sometimes I just feel like I can't even describe how wonderful it feels to be doing what we do. I love the way the gospel lightens the life of others. I love feeling the love of God. I love all of these Hispanics. I would have never known them in this way. I feel like they are now part of my family. Incase you didn't know.....Hermana Spencer is half mexican now. My heart is no longer the same. Yesterday, I was writing a letter and just looking out the window. It was snowing and I was just thinking about how wonderful all this is. I know that it is hard, but I am so glad that I have done it. The Lord just continues to bless me. I would do it all over again. I wish I had more time.....so I better take advantage of every second!
Love you all,
Hermana Spencer

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