Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feliz Ano Nuevo- Jan 2

Dear Family and Friends,
Seriously, I love being a missionary. I have 6 months left and just can't imagine not being able to invite people to change. I love the gospel so much. I feel the need to repent more and more. I was thinking about my goals for this next year and I just really want to have the Spirit. I was reading in 2 Nephi 4....I want to tremble at the appearce of sin just like Nephi. I want to abhore sin. That is my new goal....I guess it will probably take some time, but I am just excited about the things the Lord will reveal to me.
This last week was a rough week. We prepared really hard for a lesson with Javier. He is 17 and is the nephew of a less active I love. He wouldn't open up. I was so excited to teach him and also super nervous. I gave it my best and afterwards, I felt so down. He did come to church and a baptism yesterday. It was really great. I just know that time is going to be required for him. He is a super funny kid though. He played volleyball with us again today.
Also Hna. Salazar asked us to prepare a FHE for her grandkids. They were visiting form Mexico and she just is worried about them. I was really nervous because it was just a bunch of teenagers and I had to entertain them....almost by myself (Hna. May doesn't speak tons of spanish). Well the lesson went great. We talked about increasing our testiomonies. It was great and all of them made goals to increase their testimony. Also a less active from the other spanish ward was there. I was able to help her. She hasn't been to church in 5 months and we made a goal. She went to church this last Saturday and then came to play volleyball today. Her daughter is so cute and is saying her prayers. I just felt like Heavenly Father put that opportunity in front of me.
New Years was great because we got to spend it with the people we love. I am just amazed at my ability to love. I feel like I can love anyone. Love is a gift from God and can be given to us when we seek it for anyone.
Sorry this is so short, but I want to write Josh and Jessica.
I love you and know the gospel is true!
Hermana Spencer

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