Monday, August 8, 2011

Will you marry me?

Dear Family and Friends....

This week was an interesting week. I felt exhausted...and so did Hna. Coughlen. This week we put Yeni on date for the 20th of August! We are super excited. She is doing well. Also Fam. Mancera are great! Maria "proposed" to Alfredo. . .She asked him to marry her and he said can I have a week to think about it. lol.  We are making plans for their wedding. She wants to go look for a dress to wear and Freddi said "I'm not marrying a dress...we've been together for 23 years." They are just really funny. I told them I would make them a cake for their party. So we called some English Elders and asked them if they knew anyone who would have the pans and it turns out that they have 3 people in their ward that make wedding cakes. . . so now we are getting a professional wedding cake done for free! Yay. Another member is also taking pictures. So things are going well.

Also the ward really trusts us here. We might be going shopping with some of the YW today and help with dress more modestly. The ward just loves to see us. We were also surprised attacked to teach sharing time in primary. It was really odd....she stopped me in the hall and asked if I could help a little in primary. We soon learned it was all the missionaries and we were not just helping we were teaching. Luckily we were just helping the kids talk about the temple. I really do love primary. We are trying to memorize more songs to teach to children.

We are worried that we might have to drop one of our favorite investigators, Maricela. She is a great person and I love her kids. She just is not progressing the way she should. She has been meeting with us for almost 6 months and still does not want to read the Book of Mormon as much as she should. Really that action of reading the Book of Mormon is so important. We fasted for her this last weekend because we really have no idea how to help her progress. I remember meeting with her one time and just feeling like she would get baptized. Hopefully something will change soon.

Also some great news! One of our almost active less actives blessed the sacrament for the first time yesterday. He was so cute. I was praying so hard that he would get the words right. Later on we went by with his family and read the Book of Mormon. I asked him how he felt. He said he was super nervous but was glad he got to do it. They were also asking about buying the FHE manual and also nice scriptures. The teenage daughter, Ana, said....they're buying church books? What more do you want from us? LOL. They always say that we could move in with them. They just love us so much. They can't see how much their home has changed, but we can. They are all more happy and their is so much more love in that house. The gospel really does change families.

Sorry this is a shorter letter...I don't have a lot of thoughts today. I am planning on taking my first nap today :) Hopefully I will be able to.

Hermana Spencer

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