Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm 23!

Howdy Yall

So this last week was crazy. We were so busy! We taught 49 lessons! Sadly I do not have that much time to email because we had to help someone move.

My birthday was awesome! We taught 10 lessons. I made 2 cakes for other people and someone gave me cake....It was a lot of cake. I also got lots of texts from random missionaries. Thank you so much to everyone who sent mail. It was fantastic. It is a little weird to be 23. Also all of the packages and letters arrived perfectly! Thanks!

This last week I learned a little about miracles and how the Holy Ghost works on us.
1. We decided to go and knock this random apartment complex one night. The next day we were debating about what to do. We ended up going to it and the first door we knocked an old man answered and told us it was a horrible time to come because the whole first floor got flooded (it has been raining a lot). So we thought about leaving. Well luckily I have a brain and thought, maybe we could go to the second floor. So we did. We found this lady named Hannah. She is white/native American and is gay, but she also turns out to be a member of the church. We were able to be an answer to someones prayers. Her grandmother died recently and she has a horrible family. She has been praying a lot. We were able to testify to her that God loves her. She knew that we were sent by God.
2. Yesterday we had some down time...because no one was home. So we went knocking. We both thought of this purple house we had passed by when we didn't have a car. We usually go a way to get up there, but yesterday I had the thought to go up Willams....well we were on Willams and Hna. Coughlen sees a random less active that we haven't seen recently. And guess what it was her! We walked down the street and she was really happy to see us! We were able to teach her about priesthood blessings on the street :) Then we went to the purple house area....and we learned something. Some people opened when we knocked on the purple house and they said the lady only speaks Spanish and that they were leaving (perfect). Then they asked if she wanted to talk to us...she didn't. I noticed something inside - it was one of those ribbons for funerals. Then we saw lots of people come by and bring food. It was just a small thing, but we know we need to go back.

So in these circumstances we didn't feel the spirit really tell us anything, but we later learned we were doing the right thing. I have so much to learn.

The mission has a record for the most lessons taught in one week....54. We might be teaching 55. We have been focusing on shorter lessons more frequently (according to our mission president) and just have lots of new people.

Next week is transfers. I really hope we both stay here. I don't feel like I am moving, but we shall see! I think we will be having several baptisms this next transfer :)

I love you all,

Hermana Spencer

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