Monday, August 22, 2011

English Class

Dear Everyone....

I have a couple of minutes to write to you!

We are doing really great here. We have two people now on date. Hilda Hernandez and Nancy Lujan. Hilda is doing incredible. She loves church and has great fellowshipppers. We had one of our recent convert families, the Palacios, give them a ride and sit by them in church. They are amazing. The other night we took them to the appointment with us and they brought pizza. We asked Hilda to be baptized and she said yes....and bro. Palacio then said do you know what that means? It was funny for some reason. They were baptized last October.

A funny story about them: One time we went over there (at this time they scared me) and they were telling me some story about rain. Hna. Coughlen was in the bathroom (which when you barely speak Spanish and don't know the people is really scary). I didn't understand part of their story and they turned to each other and the wife said....she doesn't understand. (And of course I understood that part!) Now she loves us and just wants to make us food.

So they are just doing wonders with Hilda. Along with them is the Fam. Rivera. They are also from El Salvador. Hilda sits inbetween Hna. Palacio and Hna. Rivera in Relief Society in the first row. It just makes me beam!

It was really nice to be with Hna. Thomas last week. It was great to see that we both had made so much progress. They also told her how much my Spanish had improved. I really heard that like 50 times last week...which I guess is a good thing. They always start off with ....when she got here she couldn't speak for nothing...but now look at her. LOL. Even the old lady we visit in the Nursing home said it lol. Hna. Thomas is of course a fantastic missionary.

We are really glad that our ward is progressing and that hopefully soon we will have a baptism. Transfers are in two weeks yet again....and I am really nervous. Hna. Coughlen and I have been companions for so long! I am scared to get another companion, but am also so excited at the same time.

Last night a huge black man named Big....asked to take us out for a burrito. It was probably one of the funniest contacts ever. We of course told him no. He then offered to take us to get coffee so I told him about the word of wisdom lol. I ended up saying....just take the pamphlet for your salvation....its more important than a burrito!

I am so full of gratitude to be a missionary. I love the gospel so much and am learning lessons I never thought I would learn and some that I didn't think I needed to. The Lord is slowly changing my heart. Here is a thing that I learned this morning in Personal Study. I studied Repentance. Preach My Gospel says something profound:
Bringing our lives in line with God’s will through
repentance is a central purpose of our lives. We can return to live with God the Father only
through Christ’s mercy, and we receive Christ’s mercy only on condition of repentance.
With out repentance we can not live with God. The Scriptures say over and over again....why? When we repent we can have the mercy of Jesus Christ. Because of His Atonement we can have mercy and live with God again.

I love you all very much.

Love Hna. Spencer

P.S. Thanks MeeKK

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