Monday, August 8, 2011

The Craziest...

Dear Family, Friends and Strangers,

This last week was so crazy. Literally crazy.

1. La Familia Mancera (our rock star investigator family) got kicked out of their house last week. So we helped them look for boxes, apartments and storage. We were having such a hard time finding an apartment because they don't have papers. I don't know how they all do it, but they get jobs and find apartments. Sadly, the family moved out of the mission. All five of them were on date for the 27th. They live less than a mile outside the mission. I won't lie we were devastated, but we feel much better about it now.
2. Our other investigator, Yeni, decided to go to Mexico randomly....hopefully she will get back soon. She still is great. We met with her on Tuesday and she is just so great. She is already half way through first Nephi with lots of questions. She even prayed that she could be ready for her baptismal date.
3. Church....As a missionary, church is so exhausting. We have a meeting at 7:45 with the bishop. Afterwards we made copies and confirmed rides for our investigators. We had a lady with 6 children come. I felt like a mom. Luckily we were prepared with crayons and coloring pictures of Jesus. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. President has asked us to have at least one missionary bear their testimony every month. I really wanted to share my testimony yesterday. I went up there and the people ahead of me took a while. A member of the bishopric got up and closed the meeting before I could share my testimony.....all the ward members were looking so confused. It was the weirdest I just sat up there and sung the hymn. Also we are having our huge activity about missionary work this next Saturday. We are doing so much work for this. Next week, we are also staring our English classes.....or we think so. We are having a hard time organizing it with the stake and the ward. So wish us luck. We had a less active, Yazmin, bear her testimony about las hermanas and the BOM. I was so filled with joy! She is reading every night and it is changing her. I then went to primary...with all of our investigator children. I love primary lol!
4. Rivera Family! They are totally changing. La hermana called us this week and told us about her reading from the scriptures. She really is increasing her testimony. She wants to start FHE now. Yesterday we went to visit another family in the ward and they were there. We visited the Fam. Palacio. They also love us. Hermana Rivera called me El Salvadorian lady :) Both of these families are growing the gospel.

I really love being a missionary. Its been 8 months now! Sorry this is a short one.

One more thing. This week I had a really hard time, personally, loosing investigators...etc. Heavenly Father really taught me a little about the Atonement. It is so real. He wants us to us it so much more than we do. Also there is power in going to the temple. I went on Wednesday and it was so amazing. Remembering our covenants really gives us power.

I love you all!

Hermana Spencer

P.S. Cathy - in Bro. Merrill's institute thing from last stuff from my mission president...Alan Maynes. Its about questions....could you find that for me and send it? I love you!

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