Monday, August 8, 2011

The Big 55!

Dear Family and Friends!

This last week was insane and amazing. Sorry I am writing late....a lot of crazy things have happened. First, I did not get transferred and neither did Hermana Coughlen. By the end of this transfer we will have severed together 6 months...or a 1/3 of our missions...crazy! We were happy because we really want baptisms together. So I still live at the same address and everything.

So last week we did it! We broke the mission record and got 55 lessons in one week. It was so rough, but great. We knocked and had some time in between appointments. We are really working on having smaller more powerful lessons. It was great. All of the leaders got a shot out from President about we must not be doing that bad. Our district almost averaged 40 lessons! Also we have a family on date for next month, August 27! We are super excited. We will also be having a wedding before that so they can get married. All of the kids are excited. This is so much better than 55 lessons. They are a family of 6 - 5 of them will be getting baptized and the little one in November. They already want to go to the temple! Yay Fam. Mancera!

Also we have a rock star investigator. Her name is Yeni! We met her brother when we didn't have a car. The first time we met with them was two weeks ago. It was a super awkward lesson. The brother, Ramundo was cooking on the grill and the family was on the porch. So....they fed us (side was a great hamburger). It was just a difficult lesson because we didn't know what to expect and the brother was cooking. Yeni was the most interested. Last week when we went by with them she was home. She was so glad we had come back...and we just thought "I hope one of them is interested." Almost two weeks ago...her friend's mom died. She remembered what we had said about families being together forever. She wanted to know how and invite her friend to learn. She had already told her friend about us. We taught her a little of the plan and committed her to be baptized next month. She already uses the Book of Mormon....prays with her friends and she went to church this last Sunday. She was so cute. She was worried about what skirts she could wear and was super nervous all through church...but she loved it. She can't wait to go back. She just wants it so much.

None of the Spanish sisters moved this last transfer. So next one will be crazy.

We have seen so many miracles. Just small ones. I really am so grateful that they still do exist. One is Hannah...I think I wrote about her a little. We found her. She is a less active that is gay. Yesterday we went and helped her clean her moms house. Her mom is a hoarder and the house was very dirty. It was so great to help her. We both felt so great about what we had done. She was also so grateful. Afterwards, she prayed for the first time in a long time. It was so great to hear her prayer. I found a talk I really like that says..."Love them today so you can teach them tomorrow." I feel like I can do a lot of loving. It is so wonderful to know that you have answered a prayer or followed the Spirit. I am slowly learning that God really is never that far from us. He was us all back.

It is official...I will be coming home the 27th of June. I talked to President yesterday and its done! So yay!

I have been thinking a lot of about my mission lately. It feels like I just started and everything. I know I am learning so many lessons. Yesterday one of the Elders who was going home said "Sometimes your mission isn't the best two years of your life, but the best two years for your life." I feel this way. I have hard times so much. Sometimes a day is really up and down. I feel like I used to find it easier to be happy...BUT I know that this is where I need to be and am so glad I am here. The Lord is truly blessing me more than I realize. My Spanish is progressing. My ability to teach is also progressing. I feel more comfortable as a missionary and honestly wish I had more time. We have a challenge from our mission president to change our attitudes and I want to be more happy, just more excited. I want people to still know me as the girl who always smiles.

I hope you all are enjoying the long email today. It feels good to use this time for yall!

Funny story about a coupon. I went to the dermatologist last week. She gave me a coupon for a face cream that she said was kinda expensive. When we went to pick it was over $400 dollars. Seriously that much for a face it made of gold? Well with that coupon it was free! It was the best coupon ever!

Seriously - I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Everyone should do it! The Lord is so mindful of us and wants us to be happy. He wants to have everything....and one day we can have everything, but we have to learn first to follow Him first!

I love you,

Hermana Spencer

Shout outs!

Garrett - Happy Birthday! Enjoy Chile!
Hna. Ruiz - I loved your letter and expect a letter soon. You will love it!
Sam - Can you get Ally's address for me?
Cathy and Katie - I love you and was surprised....very surprised!

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