Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Ward Activity Ever


So this week was super crazy. I don't have a lot to write about, but it was amazing.

It was a little different. We spent a lot of time preparing for our ward mission night.  We made invitations, programs, practiced and practiced. We wanted to make sure we could explain everything we needed to do in Spanish. We were given 20 minutes to present how members can invite their friends. The Elders also had 20 minutes to explain our role as missionaries and what the role of members is. President Maynes also came and spoke about retention. The activity was a huge success. The Spirit was there so strongly. We all felt that we were doing the right thing. President Maynes was fantastic. He spoke to as many people as he English lol. He shook their hand. He loved them. We got a great translator for him. He asked everyone who was a convert to raise their hand. Most of the people were converts. He then asked who loves the gospel. He then said who did I shake hands with. ... He had missed a couple and said "I'll get you later!" He then talked about how he was able to be friendly with the people even though he couldn't speak their language. He then said....we need to love people that come to church...less actives...recent converts...and investigators. The way he said everything touched so many hearts. The spirit was there so strong, I didn't worry about my Spanish. The ward was friendly yesterday and more willing to help us.

Also we had president interviews on Saturday. It was great to talk to President. He told Sis. Coughlen "You both are working to the bone and seeing no results (as in baptisms)." It is true, but he gave me a lot of hope. He told me to not measure my success as a missionary by baptisms, but by obedience. We also talked about hunting the prepared. When we find someone who is prepared, it is so much easier to teach them. We really worked on finding this week and now have 12 new investigators. I am really excited about all of these people. President just gave me some comfort and we also talked about teaching skills. I am really excited to see how my teaching skills change.

Ohhh....... Sis Coughlen just reminded me. Here is a story:
"This week we also went to go visit one of the people we were teaching, turned out they moved randomly (not uncommon with illegals) and the new tenets are a family of super ghetto-south black people! It was a blast to talk to them, especially since they had a few cock-tails in them... well, one of the guys was trying to call his lady friend over away from our group but she yelled back and said "Don't get in the way of my Jesus talk!" Eventually he sauntered over and tried to do a "hand-shake" with her. They failed about 3 times and on the last attempt a baggie dropped to the floor.... the man looked at her with big eyes, eyeing the ground where it fell and pulled her in to whisper something. I just laughed and pretended not to notice so that the situation didn't get any more awkward. We should have said, "That's what happens when you do a drug deal in front of "Jesus people" (as they called us). Never a dull moment."
That was when I trying to explain the Plan of Salvation....

I also got a blessing from President Maynes after the activity. I haven't had one since I was set apart. It was so wonderful to hear that Heavenly Father loves me and that He is pleased with me. So many of the same blessing were promised that were in my setting apart blessing. I am so grateful that these things will happen.

So I love my mission. Every time I realize how fast time is flying....I get scared because I don't want to leave. I have been studying the Book of Mormon alot. I will finish today marking every reference to Jesus Christ. It has changed the way I look at the BOM. I love it so much and am so grateful I can always study it.

I am going to go on exchanges with Hermana Thomas tonight and it should be fun!

I love you all so much,

Love Hermana Spencer

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