Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,

Life is going great as a missionary. We have one week left this transfer. It is going so crazy here. So this last week was la semana santa! Or the week before Easter. Lots of Catholics make a really big deal out of Easter. Well we had a wonderful time sharing the story of the resurrection. It really strengthened my testimony of our living Savior.

There is also another thing that comes with Easter, Pascua - Food. Well I have to admit.....I am not a huge fan of this food. Part of the meal is canned shrimp ground up and put in a patty....I don't know what else they do to it. The other is a desert - bread with milk (so its soggy) with cheese, raisins, peanuts and sprinkles and sometimes coconut. It is so odd. We had it like 3 times this week. Every time it was so hard. Really hard. I am not a picky eater but some of this food just catches my gag reflex...but I will continue to eat my love for these people.

The time is going by so fast. I have almost been out for 5 months. Isn't that crazy. We are really working hard with so many people. I am pretty sure we are the youngest companionship in the mission and we are just learning as we are going. The Lord really does bless us with so many things. We are able to teach alot of people and I am so grateful that I get to learn Spanish.

One of my favorite families is applying for their visas. They might get deported. They are recent converts and they are just so amazing. Looking back at their photos from before they were baptized you can really see the difference the gospel makes in peoples lives. It really is just in their eyes. There are so many people that get caught up on the small things of the gospel. I really hope that we get to stay here together to work on these people.

So here is a little bit of the life of a missionary in case you don't know:
We get up at 6:25 - so that way we both will get out of bed and get ready to exercise
We exercise for 30 minutes ( you should see my calves :) )
Then we eat and get ready.
8:00 Personal Study
9:00 Companion Study
10:00 Language Study (We only get this like 3 times a week because of crazy things that happen).
11:00 Leave the apartment
9 - 9:30 Come home and Plan
10:30 Bed

We are always just going. I really wake up tired every morning. One thing I have definitely learned is that your body really doesn't need that much sleep :)

I really love being a missionary. I wish that we got 2 years just like the Elders. Right now I am in a great district. The week before this last week we lead the mission in avg number of new investigators and lessons. We are really doing well. We taught 39 lessons last week. We really want to get up to 50 I really think that it is close.

Mail - Can I just say that I really appreciate the mail that I get. Every time I get a letter it makes me smile and some days it really is what helps me get through everything.

Well I really really love you all!

See you after a really long time,
Hermana Spencer

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