Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Isn't life wonderful? This last week has been crazy. Well to tell you a little about it:
1. We are not getting transferred....but we are going to be in a threesome. We are getting an older English sister and are going to be teaching her Spanish. Two gingitas greenies teaching another white girl Spanish. Crazy right. Her name is Sis. Judd....or Hna. Judd. I don't know much about her. Really only that she sings well and she is gluten intolerant.
2. We have seen crazy things happen with our investigators. 3 of the people we are teaching, their husbands are in jail. Crazy. One might be deported.
3. The other day we had to reschedule an appointment and we called and left a message. Well she didn't answer....so we went by and left a note on a Finding Faith in Christ card. Well we went by the other day and she basically said that her husband came home found our note and was made at her because she didn't answer the phone. Now he is not speaking to her and she now says that when we come she will leave with all of her kids. We tried so hard to explain what had happened and apologize. My heart broke. I just couldn't stand it. This misunderstanding has caused someone to think ill of us and more importantly the church. We were making such progress with her.

Those are just some of the things that have been happening. It was a really hard week honestly. We have been busy like always. Another transfer starts tomorrow. All of the Spanish sisters are experiencing changes.

I love the mission. Sometimes it is really difficult. We are teaching a mom and daughter. Every time we go over there I just love it. Last week we taught how the plates were delivered from Moroni to Joseph Smith with barbies....they loved it. I am so excited to see what happens.

Also one of my favorite people from Grand Junction found a new job and can go to Church! Miracle. Karen got baptized, the girl scared of water. Her mom wrote me a letter last week. She was so cute. She told me how much I meant to her. She also wants me to teach one of her friends, but she is in the North Mission. Miracles are happening.

I really do love the gospel. I know that reading the scriptures is important. I know this the way that we can know more of the plan God has for us. I love the Book of Mormon because it helps us to change. I am so aware of my weaknesses right now. I know that the Lord prepares a way to strengthen them.

I love you and God Bless!

Hermana Spencer

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