Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life as Hermana Spencer

So this transfer is off with a bang.

After we found out that we were getting another companion. We spent the morning rearranging our house. We picked her up on Tuesday. Her name is Hermana Judd. She has been in the mission over a year and is also cannot have gluten....which has been a blessing this week....I will tell you why. We worked hard last week. We are having a hard time teaching Spanish. But I have hope that it will get better. 

SO Less actives are my favorites. We had so many at church yesterday. We are teaching over 30 less active families....alot. I love them so much. We have been finding out what is holding them back recently and I am just amazed at Heavenly Father's help with everything. We taking with on the moms the other day about why she joined the church. She talked about how it was all the example of her young daughter who right now is 11. Joanna tells her mom that they need to keep the Sabbath Day holy and that they need to go to church so they can go to the temple. She is amazing. That is one thing that I have learned on the mission - the power of children. They really make a difference in the family. They have alot of faith, and God can use that faith to change lives. They also are extremely good in their hearts. 

Last week was also Hermana Coughlen's birthday. We ate alot of cake last week. It was great. We are struggling a little with the adjustment to a 3 some. It is a little harder to do things. We are hoping things will improve. 

So for everyone that wrote me last week. Thank you for your letters. I love every word. Many times I read them I realize that they are answers to my prayers. Little did you know right?

3rd Transfer Miracles - Apparently when you reach your 3rd transfer several things become lots easier....Spanish and you would never guess it......eating. I barely even think about how full I will be. This is obviously a blessing and a curse. 

So why would my companion not being able to have gluten be a blessing? Well here is the story from the words of Hermana Coughlen:

 I will tell you the only story that is in my mind at the moment. So, I told you the story about eating with Hermana Morales (the woman who made the awful patties made of what I believe was cat food). Well, she signed up to feed us again. Now you must know that her food is so bad that all the Spanish Missionaries know of this woman and even some of the English missionaries! Hermana Spencer was terrified when I pointed her name out on our calender. She looked at me with terror in her eyes and exclaimed "We HAVE to change it! We HAVE to do something!" Well our hope came to us just 4 days ago when our new gluten intolerant companion Hermana Judd arrived. YES! Gluten intolerance! We can totally find a way to get us out of this one! So me and Hermana Spencer in our best "butt kissing" Spanish went up to her to explain... "oh hermana, we have dinner with you this coming week, but we have news. Our new companion (this sweet little girl who can't speak Spanish) has REALLYY BADD allergies! It is really hard to cook for her (lie #1 we can almost eat everything Hispanics make us... rice, corn tortillas, beans, meat, vegetables) and we were thinking that we could just cook for you instead." I worked so hard to wiggle ourselves out of her food but she pinned me with tamales.... "can she eat tamales?" "...... yyyeessss...." I answered regretfully (I can't lie too much... I'm a missionary after all). But then Hermana Spencer can to my aid and after sufficient confusion the husband (who is 30 or so years younger then her.. yuck!) suggested "why don't we just take you out somewhere?" "YES!" We responded in unison :) We are safe for one more week! Thank you Hermana Judd for your gluten intolerance!

She in the past has made PAPER TAMALES!!!!!!!! With Paper.....She really is a legend....doesn't Hermana Coughlen sound great?.....we didn't lie!?!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I got to talk to most of my family. Familia, La Quiero! The Lord is truly blessing me for my service. My mission is changing me. I realized yesterday when I sad in Sacrament Meeting that I understood more. That I am being blessed with knowledge I didn't know I needed for my life. The Lord is really blessing my family. I know that he blesses us so much more than we deserve like in Mosiah 2. We are always indebted to Him.

I love you all and I still and probably always will love mail,

Hermana Spencer 

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