Friday, May 27, 2011

Las Tamales Estan Listas

So this week has been a little weird. We have been busy doing what missionaries do.

So good news.....we did not have to eat with Hermana Morales. We were told earlier in the week that she thought we suggested the restaurant and not here we told her we would just come by and eat....scary! Earlier that day we were told by the RS President how awful the food was and that we should just tell her we were sick lol. Well we decided not to do that so we ended up calling her right before we headed her way and she said she had a doctor's appointment and wouldn't be home.....WHAT??? It was so weird...but yeah we survived another transfer.

This letter is going to be a little shorter because we are at the library I don't is always so busy. Well other news. We had interviews with the President this week. I really love President Maynes alot. He always is so willing to help us. We even got a phone call this morning telling us how pleased he was about our work. And then of course he challenged us to work harder and teach more lessons. So we are doing great. We really want a baptism, and I really think we will have several here very soon. We have some really great investigators.

I don't know if I have told y'all about my bribes....When kids come to church (less actives) I make them whatever desert (with in reason)  they want. So baking has come in handy. I have to make some cupcakes. Mom can you send me a good biscuit recipe? So I am almost out of money because I bought some things for my recent good thing that a corn on the cob is down to 10 cents lol.

I really do love being a missionary. The only thing I don't love is that we see lots of hurt and bad things. This week we are having some issues with some people we teach and wonder if their intentions are true. I hate having to wonder why they want to meet with us.

The title of my email this Las Tamles Estan Listas.....the tamales are a secret code with a member that is trying to get us to come by with her cousins daughter. She whispers on the phone when we can come by lol.... We really see lots and weird things. We do lots of weird things too. I feel like I can use this time to be weird and it is OK. I wish that I could tell you about all of these funny people. We went by with a girl that wants to be a Zen Master and she also practices her nun chuck skills. We met a guy locked out of his apartment and went by with him. He is from Africa and speaks french and we just happened to have a french Book of Mormon. He makes his own music, rap music and so he wanted us to listed to it. He had so many great questions. And guess what the gospel answered all of them.

Well I got to go!

Buffalo Wild Wings opens today! Yay

Hermana Spencer

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