Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day that didn't

So.....this week was interesting. I am little bit sick and achy, but we are still busy like always. Here are some highlights!

Ate lunch at a members house with her parent and their friends.....little did we realize that their friends was the pastor of a local christian church....

Ate a El Salvadorian Christmas dish that had tons of mayonnaise .... Hna Coughlen milked it out of her bread....we laughed so hard.

Grisel - She has 3 boys and lives with a member Yazmin! She is progressing so well. We went by on Saturday and poured out all her beer. We got some great photos. We have had some really great lessons with her lately and I really think that she will progress to baptism.

 Yesterday - I didn't get to email....because of the holiday. We picked up two English sisters for some fun yesterday. One of them is related to Logan and Megan Smith in Lubbock crazy! We decided to go to our ward activity. We showed up and it was only the Elders and the Bishop. we went and got a Frisbee and luckily some people showed up. We ended up playing some with the kids and eating delicious meat. Seriously I am going to be a meat eating machine. Everyone is getting out their grills and let me tell you they do not mess around with carne! Afterwards we went geocaching! Thanks Cathy! We had a good time and then the craziest saddest thing happened. We went to vacuum out the car and it was really windy. So.....wind + skirt = : / So it was interesting. I was really trying to hurry to not expose myself. Well we finished and I realized that my scriptures were not in the car. We had left them on the back of the car and driven off....we went back and they are no longer there. We are going to call the gas station today to see if anyone has turned them in. If not luckily we go to the temple tomorrow and I can buy some new ones.... I won't lie I cried a little.

Less actives are progressing. A family paid their tithing on Sunday and it was so great. The ward is really starting to trust us and give us more referrals.

Being a missionary is hard work. We only have two more weeks in this transfer and I am really worried about next one (like always). My Spanish is getting better but I still can't understand everything and explain myself super clearly. The Lord knows me so well and knows that I need to be humble. We are really trying to change the way we do alot of things. This week we are going to drop alot of people because they are not progressing. This is a hard thing to do. It hurts when someone does not accept the gospel.

I love you all. I really do love being a missionary. I am so glad that I am able to do this. President emailed me last week and said "expect success."

Hermana Spencer

P.S. Cathy can you send some more geocaches that are a little harder :)

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