Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I hit 6 months!

Dear Everyone!

I am so excited to write you all of the wonderful things that have happened this last week. First, I am not getting transfered! YAY! Neither is Hermana Coughlen! This will be our thrid transfer together and it really looks like we will have a lot of success! Here are some highlights!

1. Hermana Ruiseco started the stop smoking program and is doing great!
2. We found 12 new investigators this week.....we set the goal for 5 and we had that by thursday! We were just so blessed last week.
3. Today a lot of the missionaries are doing what we call the "Habenero Challenge." This is where everyone sits around a table with one glass of milk....they all eat a Habenero and the first one to drink the glass of milk looses! I am not doing it....because for those of you who know .... Haberneros are really hot. My companion is in on the challenge......I hope she wins! She can really handle spicey stuff.....and I can only handle a little habenero.
4. We are seeing so many people progress. I love it!
5. The mission is getting me new scriptures! Yay so hopefully tomorrow at transfer meeting they will be there. Ohh and none of the spanish sisters are moving!
6. I still have Hermana Coughlen! YAY!
7. Part of me wants to be a part of a spanish branch when I get back. The food is just so heavenly. I thought that we had good food at our activities...but no. On Saturday we had a wonderful ward activity. It was in the church parking lot with grills....carne....agua de pina.....todo! Really I love it.

So here is a story that protrays a little bit of misisonary work. The other day we went to contact some people that we had talked to before. We saw a lady talking spanish....so our spanishdar went off. We went and talked to us and she told us to go talk to her husband....who was in the house with the door open....(it seemed like she was getting rid of us). So we walk up to this door and there is a man sitting there with out a shirt and we tell him that his wife told us that we need to go talk to him. So he went and got a shirt. We talked a little bit more and he told us to come in....so then we had to tell him that we had this rule where we can't go in his house with out another women there....so we stood out of the house akwardly. He kept waiting for his wife to come back (and it looked like he was trying to get rid of us). She finally comes back and WE GET IN! We sit down on the couch and then we both look at each other and with our eyes say "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!" Usually things flow before and its more apparent with what we need to say. Well luckily Heavenly Father really blessed us. We had no idea what we said, but I know that they listened. I really felt good in the lesson. I was even able to speak good spanish. A lot of times I stumble on my words, but this time I didn't. We have another appointment with them tonight and I really hope that they are ready for the gospel. Hermana Coughlen came up with a good analogy for when this happens: Its like your older brothers convincing you to ride a rollercoaster....so you do it. But when you get strapped in you are thinking....what was I thinking.!?!?! That was the lesson.

I have really been thinking about my mission so far. It has been hard. I won't even lie. So what do I want to get out of this experience? I really could go through the motions and help people...but I have to give myself. This is harder than I thought it would be.

MY GOAL: To come to know the Savior, Jesus Christ and through the process help others come to know Him too.
One of my favorite scriptures is John 17:3! It is wonderful. This is my goal.

So how do we come to know Him?
I have some ideas. I think a lot of it is Mosiah 5:13. We have to serve Him...and follow this scripture! He has to become a part of us. Elder Holland said that we have to walk some of His path to really know Him...the hard times and follow His example. I never want the Savior to say to me, "I never knew you, or you never knew Me."

I am doing well. Times are great and times are hard! Thank you so much for your prayers and letters. Every time I get a letter it adds more happiness to my mission!

I hope you all are doing wonderful!

Hermana Spencer

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