Monday, June 13, 2011

Girls are like flowers...

So another week has passed....and to me it only feels like a couple of hours.

So some news: We are no longer three.....Hermana Coughlen and Judd actually got in a Hermana Judd is gone. Well only half of that is true. President Maynes called on Saturday and told us that Hna. Judd would be transferred on Monday, a week before transfers. The English Sister world just went crazy last week. She is sort of white washing with another sister. Crazy...Spanish was just a sick joke for her lol.

Well the work is still going forward. A less active family, la familia Rivera, of ours is doing great. We don't have to go wake them up at 7 every Sunday! Miracles still do happen. We also got to watch Yazmin do her calling yesterday. She is the chorister. She did so well. She was just so cute. She bore her testimony too about how much she loves us :) She is doing great. So many people are opening up to us. Hna. Ruiseco is a less active that a lot of people have given up on. She opened up to me the other day at dinner. She told me the reason that she doesn't go is that she feels guilty because she smokes....we really had no idea that she did. So I am now learning how to explain the churches program to stop smoking in Spanish. It is amazing how the Lord lets us meet people that we can just love and care about instantly.

Well we and I really just want a baptism. We have seen so much success with all of the less actives. I really just want to meet people that are just ready. So hopefully soon we will have some news. We have some people that could get baptized this next transfer and obviously those we have not yet met. We found Mexican Mecca. It is bordered by a giant field, the north mission, and the north mission. It is barely in our mission, but we have so many great potentials and a new investigator. Her name is Maria...and she just let us in and told us all about her search for God and the right church. She doesn't believe that there is a perfect man to run a church but she does believe that there could be a person who tries their best to follow God. So we shall see.

A funny story for you all. The other day we were visiting Hna. Noriega. She really could die any day. Its kinda sad, but she is ready to go. She lost a toe recently and was in the hospital because she blacked out. She is such a sweet lady. I actually am really starting to like old people. We read to her twice a week. We went by the other night and her son's friend was there. He was drunk....or wasted what ever you want to call it. He was speaking in English and Spanish so it was a little hard to understand. He mentioned that he wanted to change. Well Miguel (the son) came in and apologized to us for his friend. He admitted that he had been drinking too. But he started talking to us. He told me that his cousin sells weight loss medicine and that he could get some for me really cheap. "You don't look bad, but you could be skinner and look better. Women are like flowers, you have to feed them." He then proceeded to tell us about what his dad taught him. He said " my dad taught me to drink and how to treat a lady. You don't hit them....unless there is a good reason." It was so funny. Then he went outside and got us the only rose that was in the yard. It still had the thorns on it and everything. All of this happened while reading in the Book of Mosiah!

Well so everything is really good here. My mission president wrote me today and said: God stretches us to our limits and that is when we see its stretching time!

I love you all,
Hermana Spencer

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