Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The big fat shoe

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was hard and wonderful. I always sit down and wish that I could tell you all amazing things that have happened...and they have but I forget a lot of them when I sit down in a random chair at a library somewhere in Denver.

Hermana Coughlen and Elder Valdez won the Habenero Challenge.....sort of......no one really wins. We went to ross about an hour after this....and she ran outside to trow up.....so I akwardly handed the skirt I was looking at to the lady and said ..."can you hold these...I think my friend is throwing up outside." She was fine....but doesn't think she will ever do that again.

We had transfer meeting last week. We got so many new Elders....no sisters. And a lot of missionaries went home....crazy to be thinking that this will happen to me in the not to distant future. Expect me to be weird....in a good way. I love transfer meetings because they hold all of the mail you get for like a week. And for me and Hna. Coughlen it was like Christmas :) I love it! We got some good letters! We then ate some breakfast with Hna Thomas and Hna Day. Then can you guess what we did? We worked!

Some days it is difficult to give it all....but most days no. Spanish is getting better, but some days I still stink at speaking. We have a new greenie in the ward (one of the Elders) and he is a native. He is able to do all of they things that I want to do. (Which means I have to get over it :) )
We have found some really great people. Heavenly Father really answers prayers. We have been praying to find people that are ready and we have found random people. We went back to contact a random contact and met her family. Turns out they were meeting with the missionaries last year. We also started teaching a husband of a lady were were already teaching. He has so many questions. Some of them crazy but all of them are fun. Looks like we will be helping with a wedding :) Hermana Ruiseco almost made it last week....she smoked on Saturday :( So we went back and talked about how she can do it. She is struggling a lot ( her husband still smokes) but she always feels better after we are there. We really have seen miracles. They are small. We find random people. We visit someone randomly or turn on the right street and are able to help people. I know that it really insn't random. Heavenly Father is using us and it feels so great to be used. We have also been teaching with members more this week than ever. The lessons with members are so different that I realized. So go with the missionaries :)

We still both feel super new. So inadequate. Sometimes we teach with other missionaries and just realize how much we need to improve. Today we are taking the rest of our p-day and creating a awesome scripture list. We are using our hall way and I am super excited. Weird to do that for fun...but thats how it is.

So this letter is going to be a little sorter, mainly because today I can't type as fast as I normally do. Yesterday, I had a great testimony building experience. We prayed alot that the speakers would be prepared for our investigators. I had a hard Friday and Saturday. Saturday night I really poured out my heart to Heavenly Father....I just felt like I wasn't being effective and it really worried me. Sunday came and the talks were exactly what I needed to hear. The first speaker was a white man that served his misison in south america. He told a story from his second week in the mission. They had found a golden family and just felt so good about them. Well this family at the time was attending another church. One day they go by and the women opens the door a little and tells them that they can no longer meet with them and have decided to keep attending their church. Well the spirit told him to do something....he still couldn't speak spanish...and he is super tall. So what he did was put his big fat shoe in the door and say "No" in the best spanish he could muster lol. It surprised her and his companion. His companion in english said what are you doing? Well he told her that she needed the message and basically bore his testimony...which I sure wasn't the most eloquent. The lady then said I will go talk to my husband. They waited outside for like 15 mintues. She came back and said she will meet with them. Well now the husband is a bishop and two sons have served missions. I realized that I can do this even if I cannot speak. I just have to trust in the spirit more!

It was a wonderful experience for me. The Lord does answer our prayers!

I love you all,

Hermana Spencer

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