Monday, July 11, 2011

One Year!

Dear my favorite people!

This week was fantastic! I always forget what I want to tell everyone. I will first talk about funny things we see/hear.

One day we were knocking in an apartment complex. We knocked on a door and a family was walking by and the little girl said, "Mom we live we live here." I don't know if they knew we could understand them lol.

Another one! We were trying to contact a referral and we saw this women outside. So of course we talked to her. It went well. We asked her for her phone number and she said she didn't have one. Well as we were walking away...her phone went off....LOL.

These experiences are always so Funny! But are also very many people lie to us...even people we thought we could trust! Esta bien!

So just to tell you more about this last week. On Wednesday we had such a hard day. We taught one person in the morning......and no one else was home.....we even had appointments. The day looked really promising. We would go to visit people and they just wouldn't be there. It was such a long day..... In the middle of it the bishop calls and wants to talk to me....WHAT? The bishop is always hard to understand because he mumbles and speaks in Spanish and on the phone it is almost impossible! I rarely talk on the phone because I am always driving. When he asked to talk to me he called me Hermana Kimball.....(lots of people think I am related to Spencer W. Kimball.....I know it makes no sense)....he didn't know my name?!?!?! He asked me to give a talk....about FHE. I was actually excited until I remembered it would be in Spanish.

So yes yesterday I gave a wonderful talk in Spanish. It went well mostly because Heavenly Father just really loves me. It really did go well....even though I felt like I would vomit. After my talk the bishop gets up to thank me for my talk and this is what he says, "I don't know if you all remember this, but when Hermana Spencer got here she couldn't speak any Spanish. Now look at her. We can all learn English!"

Now for more serious stuff:

Amalia got baptized! We were able to go to her baptism on Saturday. She was so happy. It was a weird baptism, because most of the people there couldn't speak Spanish and it was all in Spanish. She was just so excited!

On Saturday we went to visit a person that we have been trying to visit for weeks. Her name is Veronica and he sister in law is named Norma. We taught them the first lesson. I cannot even began to describe how much the Lord blessed us in that lesson. Questions came out of our mouth in Spanish that made sense. We were unified as a companionship. The lesson flowed and the spirit was there so much! While we were in the lesson, I felt prompted to ask them to be baptized. I have a really hard time asking this question. Not just because its a big question, but the Spanish always gets to me. Well I knew that I needed to do it. So I did....and they didn't understand the first time I said I repeated. I just knew that I needed to. They said they needed to learn more. I felt really good about having asked them. I really really excited to go back with them on Tuesday!

This week is Zone Conference and everyone has been asked to give a 2 minute talk on faith. I am really thinking about using Elder Scott's talk from Oct Conference about Faith and Character! You all should read it! It was fantastic!

I love being a missionary. I only have one year left, yes I will be home on June 27, 2012. It doesn't feel like I have enough time, but I am so grateful that Heavenly Father had Patience with me.

Los Quiero,
Hermana Spencer

P.S. Don't forget its almost my birthday!

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