Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hablabeis and the Signs of Latins

Dear Family and Friends,

Things are going great here in CO! We are super super busy. Everyone in our district found more than three new investigators this last week. We are working so hard to teach people that are ready. This last week we taught two high school aged girls. One of them speaks Spanish and the other English. We taught them in English and it went so well. We also met one of their mothers, the one who speaks Spanish, and she fed us of course.....really I am going to be so huge.... but we will eat all we need to to show them our love and to teach them. We also met a lady through the elders. Our zone leaders called us Saturday and asked us what we were up to....well luckily all we were doing was knocking and told us to get where they were as fast as possible. A member invited a friend over for dinner and she only spoke Spanish. She is 20 and has a baby. Her husband is in Mexico. She only speaks Spanish, even though she was born in the US. She went back to Mexico soon after. Now she is working hard to get her husband here. We have been super blessed.

Today we tried to go to the Mint. I have always wanted to go. So we got the other Sisters, English ones, and drove down town....and they said you have to have a reservation and you usually have to get them a month in advance. Every time we try to do something it never works out how I picture it, but we still did have a good time walking down town.

This Sunday we saw miracles. We put up so many of the chairs in RS and they actually sat together. The spirit of the room completely changed. It was amazing. We also heard from a relative of one of our investigators, Hector, that he really likes us. Lots of missionaries have gone by with him because it is a part member family. But he likes us. So we have high hopes for them. We are eating dinner tomorrow! We also get lots of references.......but they are always for the North Mission. You could say there is a little bit of a rivalry with them. We have given such golden referrals...we hope that we get one from them soon. We got a call the other day and basically they said "I want to go to Church, I want all the lessons" and then we found out they live in the north mission.

So yeah. Things are going great. I am still having a hard time with Spanish, but it is slowly getting better. I really just need to use all of the energy of my whole just is so hard. We have like two weeks left in the transfer. I think I will be staying here with Sis Coughlen. It makes the most sense. I really hope so.

So Signs of Latins in Denver. So some people have plaques on their doors that say basically "I'm from Mexico". Others have the Virgin Mary. The best one was a person who had "Esta Casa Es Catholica" Or this house is catholic written on the door. It was great. I love talking to them. I love these people so much. I love meeting them and seeing the need they have for the gospel. I really wish all of them would listen.

Ohhh other great news: Karen, Yoana and Silvia are all getting baptized in Grand Junction!

I love you all so much. I am sending out some the post office was super busy so you will get a lot of them together!

Hermana Spencer

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