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Denver 4th the land of the huge area

March 29th, 2011 (so sorry for the delay in posting)

Dear Familia y Amigos,

So this week has been very interesting. On Tuesday I was the only sister being transferred back to the Denver Metro area - so me and a bunch of Elders. It was sad to leave Grand Junction, but at the same time I was excited. It was also my fourth trip between Denver and Grand Junction that transfer! On the way I learned that I would be driving in Denver....that was a little scary! I rode in the truck with two Elders from Washington, Elder Allred and Elder Christensen. One is in the same stake as some of my relatives in Washington...crazy! They both were really fun. I got to Denver and found my new companion - Hermana Coughlen. She is from California and is a convert of almost three years. She has been out one transfer more than me. So we are both newbies.

My new area is huge....we cover a large part of Denver and even down town. Driving was a little scary, but it is definitely becoming easier. I am so glad that one of the APs is letting us use his GPS. I have been all over. So here is a little story of our area. Last transfer the Hermanas - Hma Ricks and Coughlen - whitewashed. Apparently there are problems here....but we don't know exactly what they are. So we have a lot of work to do here. We have been looking for less actives. The ward directory is in bad shape. The Elders found 50 addresses wrong last week and we are still continuing to go through the lists. However the people are super nice here. The members love to feed us. Last transfer the Hermanas never went to a grocery store because of double dinners....this week we have a couple of them. I have spent several hours this last week looking at the map. I am starting to know the area and around where people live.

Our apartment. We live in a two bedroom apartment. Its ok nothing fancy. It has some quirks. Hermana Coughlen and Ricks talked about how the vacuum doesn't work. Well I fixed it. It was so clogged. There was a paper towel, receipt, and candy wrappers. It was kinda bad. So It is so much better now!

Hermana Coughlen is helping me so much with Spanish. We speak in Spanish 75% of the time during the day. It is fantastic. We both are so new and at times this is really difficult. We both struggle with Spanish and we both struggle with what we need to do. But we have seen miracles!

One of our investigators is Amailia. She is an older woman that lives with her and daughter and her family. She is so wonderful. She is almost on date. She loves what we teach and she also makes great food. I really am excited to get to know her more and teach her. Another less active/recent convert that we work with is Yazmin. She is amazing. I love her personality. She works three jobs to help her family in Mexico. She is always smiling though. She also likes to feed us. We are going to help her go to the temple for the first time!

So the funny story for the week. Yesterday the libraries were that's why I didn't email. Hermana Coughlen was telling me about her horrible hair cut experiences here in Denver. She went to this place and the woman butchered her bangs. Then she went back and it only got worse. So she ended up going to another place to get it cut. Well so we tried to go to the good place and they were super busy. So we went near our house to the "Fantastic Sams." Thinking what would be the chances that I would get the same person. Well guess what I did! We got in there and she was the only one not busy. Hermana Coughlen just gave me a look. What do you do? Do you tell her you don't want her? Well I am obviously too nice so....I got my hair cut.... Luckily its not too bad. It was almost the same problem with me and my bangs. My hair doesn't look exactly like I would like...luckily it grows right?

I also got to see Hermana Thomas on Sunday for a baptism. It was great to see her.

This weekend is General Conference. For conference, our mission president has asked us to clean everything - our apartment and ourselves so we can we ready for it. I am so excited and also nervous about it because I will watch it in Spanish. So pray for me! :) I know it will be fine. I am so excited to hear from our prophet! Ohh I finished the Book of Mormon last week! There were so many times when I just couldn't understand why more people don't read regularly. I felt such a desire to understand it more. It really was written for us. I love the Book of Mormon.

I hope this email wasn't too boring. I have been adjusting to everything all over again.

On Saturday, Sonia was baptized in Grand Junction! I wish I could have been there, but I am so excited for her!

Here is my new address:
1397 S. Geneva Way #C2-105
Denver, CO 80247

I love you all and can't wait to tell you about the miracles here in Denver! I have great hopes for this area and I think I will be here for a while!

Love your favorite Hermana,

Hermana Spencer

P.S. Don't forget I always love mail!

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