Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Attack of the squirrels and the mighty fortress

Hi Family and Friends,

I have completed another week in Denver. This transfer is going by so quickly. Yesterday Hna. Coughlen was sick so we didn't email. So just a little update about everything.

My package! Thanks mom....I got most of it :0) So what happened was....last Tuesday we were doing companionship study. Hermana Coughlen sees a squirrel outside out patio doors. Well I look out there and see a box and was like yeah there is my package. Well I went out there and chased off the squirrel. ....So Mom....the creature ate through my box and stole my cookies....I think next time you shouldn't put nuts in them :)

Another great story.Tuesday (the same day) we decided to go find this less active. So we go to the apartment building. It was like almost impossible to get in. We followed a car in on foot. We then had to find a way in. You can't even get in the front door. I have no idea how you would get in to get an apartment. They have a parking lot under the apartments. So we decided to go down there and try to get in. We find a door open magically. We climb up to the third floor and it was so creepy. It was so quiet. The design of the apartment was super odd. We then found the apartment and they were not there. Then we realized how are we going to get out....well we magically found our way out. We had to run after a car to get out of the gate. I have no idea why they would make an apartment like that. 

So this last week I have eaten some interesting food. I had pig skin in beans. At first when I saw it I thought it was big deal. It was really rubbery.....well I was really trying to finish my food.....I love it when we have bread or tortillas that I can mask the taste of the food. Hna Coughlen had already finished off the bread :( Another meal - Menudo! One of our investigators made it. Oscar is an interesting man. Well it wasn't horrible.....I tried to just swallow the meat whole. You could see the villi on the meat....I survived! We think that might have made Hna Coughlen sick... I also ate Pho, Vietnamese, this week! I loved it. I have had something very similar to it before!

So we had Zone Conference this week. It was amazing. We got up at like 5 to go to the temple. We got there and I realized that I didn't have my temple recommend. We live like 20 miles away and there was no way. Hna Coffee knew that we could have them call President Maynes. Well we got in there and President Maynes was already in the session. It was so sad. So I made Hna Coughlen go in and I sat out there. It was so sad. It was like the judgement day. I was right there but couldn't go in....Now I have to wait till May! But I did learn a lesson. Zone Conference was so great! President Maynes is so wonderful. I really learned alot about the time that we live in. It is a time that has always been talked about by the prophets. We also tied with the other sisters at zone conference and won the golden hubcap award and got 100 extra miles :) Yay!

So Amalia is our wonderful investigator. She is in her 60s. She is just so cute. She is doing well. We really want to put her on date, and are really working hard. We have some other investigators that we are really working hard with. As always less actives. This week we had the idea to buy breakfast for Sunday and give it to people that we wanted to come. So we gave it to this part member family. They said they would come. Then on Sunday morning we got up early and went and woke up people. I loved it. We didn't feel bad doing it because they really needed to get up for church. They came!

The work is really hard in this area. I have no idea what is going on here, except that alot of people have a hard time with the leadership and have stopped coming. We have people going to different wards and others that just don't go. Others that don't want to stay in this ward. So we have a problem. We are really trying.

My Spanish is improving. It is still so hard. The way you express yourself is different and just in general the culture is different. We have been blessed to find interested people. I am really excited about some of our new investigators -Oswaldo and Hector! I really think we will see baptisms soon!

The mission is great. The Lord really is humbling Hna Coughlen and I! The gospel is true and Jesus is the Christ! These are things that I know, and because I know these things I love getting up at 6:30 and I love talking with people.

I love all of you,

Hermana Spencer

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