Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What a wonderful day to give thanks!

Yesterday I loaded up all of my stuff and moved to Hobbs. I was worried about being homeless - how could I ever think I would be homeless?

I got here and saw my little and not so little nephews. Kaleb greeted me by biting my shoe with my foot in it. Aaron and I went over spelling bee words - smart kid.

My mom and I went to lunch and it was simply amazing.

I even took a nap!

We made pies.
I think I will always remember times with my mom like this. I was cutting up apples and she was cooking. We chat. It truly is the little things that count.

This morning, like most Thanksgivings, my mom wakes me up and I start the turkey. (Ohh and it smells yummy!) We start preparing for the day.

This Thanksgiving is so different from so many others. This is the first time all of my siblings are not together on Thanksgiving. My mom and I were talking about the things we miss. Samantha would be sleeping and I would try to wake her up to make the rolls because I had already mixed two batches. Zac would be playing X-box and sneaking little bites of food (we all do that). I miss hearing my two older brother's laughter. Josh has my favorite laugh in the whole entire world. And when mixed with Jakes, there is no way that I will not smile. Kim is always so funny. Every year she makes the green bean cassorole. Every year Samantha teases her about the one time she made the mashed potatoes and put too much pepper in them. We spend all morning on our great feasts - which usually only takes twenty minutes until we are all stuffed....then we still return for seconds. The little kids always ask for more soda....and they usually get it.

More than anything I am going to miss all the love that I feel when I walk in and everyone is talking. There is something truly wonderful about families. Even when we disagree or fight - we always return with love in our hearts.  What other relationships are like that?

I can think of one or two. The love our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have with us. I am so grateful this day for the knowledge that I have of my Heavenly Home. I know that heaven is much like the way I feel when I come home.

Lately, I have been really worried about leaving. When I see an expiration date that is past the day I am leaving - I want to cry. How rediculous is that? I am working on an attitude adjustment. I should be excited to leave - because I get to serve. Not that I shouldn't be glad to leave, but that I should be glad to do the things that my Father in Heaven wants me to do!

O, How great is our God! I really do love Thanksgiving.
I am so blessed with a wonderful family, awesome friends and just a great life!

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