Wednesday, November 10, 2010

President Dalley

Dr. / President Dalley
This man changed my life. 
I first met him as a freshman attending the wonderful, amazing Lubbock Singles Branch. 
He was my branch president. 
I quickly came to admire and love him. 

I wish the picture could do him justice. I feel everyone is more beautiful in white :) He is now in the temple presidency. I love that I get to see him almost every time I go. The love that you feel when he looks at you is hard to explain. 

Since he works often with the Curtises, he sometimes knows what is going on with me. Last week, he asked me about my dating life - which is not uncommon. He had mentioned that he had heard I had been going on lots of dates. I said there was a brief burst of dates there. :)
Tonight he asked me some questions again. He asked if I was still going on lots of dates and I said I was not. He said I bet there are so many boys sitting back admiring you - I bet thats why you got a big burst of dates. He then proceeded to ask me about a boy that I used to date. I told him that boy was now engaged - he gave a very surprised look. He said that he thought that boy would one day come to his senses. I laughed and I said well I did. I told him someday.  

He is one of my heroes. 
He has advised me on so many of my life decisions. I am so grateful for getting to know amazing people like him and his wife, who is also truly amazing. 

I really do believe that someday I will get that "happily ever after." In the mean time I am very happy. The temple is such a wonderful place. I really can't wait (well I can, but am looking forward to it) until I'm old like the Curtises and get to spend my time there, with my husband. 

I am so glad that I am going on a mission because that meant that I could go to the temple. 

O, How great the goodness of our God!


  1. I love President Dalley too, and I don't know him half as well as you do! But what in the world is in that picture with him?

  2. I liked this post...a lot :) And maybe I know who that boy is.

  3. I love the Dalleys!! He was awesome as a Branch President and I love seeing him in the Temple and talking to him about life.

    Melanie - Those are slides from the med school of different parts of a human...

  4. Allison! This post just made my day :) I'll need to know where to send letters before you head out. I tend to be much better at sending mail than I am at phone calls!

  5. Oh and next time you run into him please tell him that I say hi!!