Friday, December 3, 2010

Rooting for Modine

I wrote a large part of this post a month ago.

This past week has changed my life.

I have felt so wonderful. I have seen why having a Savior is so important.

I've had a week of serving and of being served.

I have really been striving to find people to serve. Most have been small ways. The times when you have a small prompting - and you have to decide are you going to do it, or not. So many of those small things have helped me this week. I have truly had joy this week.
I have also been served this week. So many of my wonderful friends have helped me. Not having a car is a wonderful time to be served. I have appreciated everyone helping me - taking me to the store, work, or even just dropping me off at home.

Do you ever just look at the wonderful people that surround you? I have seen so many wonderful people this week. A lot of them I have recognized as wonderful, but this week I really had a different pair of glasses on. I was able to see people more like the Lord sees them. I wish I could say this is how it always is - but that would not be true.

For example, George. I really love this guy. He has shown me the gospel is for everyone. It really is. He has changed our ward, most certainly for the better. On Friday, I was able to dance with him the last dance. He loves tennis so much - but he always puts a smile on my face. He has been such a wonderful missionary. He loves giving out Book of Mormons or even just talking about the church. Many people who have been members their whole life are not as good as he is.

Also, Kimberly. She is so beautiful and extremely sweet. She is just so classy. I always feel that she is so genuine when I speak to her. Not to mention how wonderful her food looks!

Hannah, I really gained my testimony of visiting teaching from her. I was the one who was supposed to be helping her out when I visited...instead I always found my self up-lifted.

Katelynn - I have been friends with you longer than anyone else. You have helped me see so much. Not only have you helped me graduate from college, you have helped me feel God's love for you and for me. I will always think of so many things - Monty Python, Avril's song "Girlfriend", Quade, skipping all semester of Microbiology, and most importantly Reesesssss Peanut Butter Cups! I love you!

Kip - Even with his crazy grin, he always is there to listen. I have known Kip for a long time. There have been times when we weren't great friends. Oh how I love that we are now. He is seriously one of the nicest people.

Isaac (aka "The Mexican Cowboy") - most people do not even know who Isaac is in our ward. He brings something so different. I love hearing his stories of "blah, blah, blah" and "you know what I'm saying." Anytime I see him, I just want to smile. Seriously H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

Meekayla! I have had some amazing experiences with her. I see the way the gospel has changed her and realize how it can change others. From knowing her,  I see how wonderful it is to scare Cathy with a dog. . . and also great conversations can be had in the Subway parking lot. I trust her.

Kayla, how I miss you. She is in Idaho. Which = not close to Texas! She is one of the most sincere lovely people I have EVER known.  Boys, seriously why have you not married her yet. She has helped me know that I can go on a mission. She has been such a wonderful example to me.

Jenny Jo - I always know I have a dirt expert one phone call away - and also a friend! I really hope that one day we can live close again and chat like we used to. I will always remember how you got me dates :) You are a wonderful example of so many things.

Evonne - If people do not know you - they are seriously missing out. You have always served in such a wonderful way. You truly have a gift for seeing what others need - and then you act on it. I will miss you eating popcorn, cheese and Dr. Pepper. :)

Chris - Where ever I go, no matter who I talk to, they always have great things to say about this guy. He never ceases to be a great example and to impress me. People are never numbers to him. He however consistently makes fun of the way I speak and likes to tease me. Que Te Vaya Bien!

Melanie - Can I just simply say that I love you! I am so glad that I got to live with you! I have never met someone with such a wonderful personality. I am so entertained by our friendship - because seriously who else would be Captain von Trapp and dance with me!?!

Kellyanne - Seriously an amazing scriptorian. I am always amazed at her ideas to improve her own scripture study - I may have stolen some Mwahahaha. She is always so kind and loving.

Cathy - She has helped shape me into what I now am, Pal. I love it when Cathy laughs. She is a serious force for good. I love her decorations and she has helped me grow to love enrichment/relief society activities.

The Curtises (I hate making plurals from words that end in s's) - have blessed my life so greatly. They have allowed me to live in their house, use their washer and dryer and also keep me entertained late at night. I am amazed at their wonderful example. I love their quirks. I see that the gospel is a part of them and not just something that they do.

Katie HoHorton - Seriously - she is awesome. I love her smile. When I was getting ready to go to the temple, I was so excited to have her their. I really feel like we feel the same way about the temple. I also love that she is grumpy in the morning :)

Garrett. I have learned so much from this crazy - fun - loving person. From him, I have really learned that having a good time at an event, really depends on yourself. You can be fun, which helps others have fun. I love when we tag team getting to know people. Having a buddy to help fellowship is really the way. He is also not stupid, mostly because he is marrying Sallie.

Sallie - the same one marrying Garrett, is so full of energy. She does it all. I really feel like we can talk about everything.  I know that one day she will help me learn to dance less like an uncoordinated white girl :)

Alice - I have always loved talking to you. You are such a wonderful example of enduring to the end. I am always so impressed about how you smile, even when life is hard. You have always encouraged me. The Lord truly knew what he was doing when he let me have you as a friend!

Danielle - I know I have only known you for a short time - but I am already impressed. You hold your yourself to a high standard. I want to be more like you. I love your cute laugh and your smile. I look forward to getting back and you showing me some good cowboy moves on the dance floor!

Anna B - I love her so much! I always love her great Relief Society lessons and how she always seems to think that since I know science and can cook - I know the anwer to all of life's questions!

Sarah - Never have I met anyone who has more Texas Pride. She has blessed my life. She has shown me how to really laugh. I know the gospel has changed her by the way she talks. Remember the only time you can cry during a card game is when Sarah is mad at you :)

Anna/Anna - I love you. I miss working with you. I will always miss you trying to compete at any of the tinest things. And just for the record - just because I'm Mormon does not mean that I am automatically good at everything!

Ashish - I am going to miss us running around hiding from you know who lol. I will miss your laugh and when you "try" to teast me hahahaha. The lab experience was so much better because of you.

Stephen - Thank you for always making me laugh! I am going to miss hearing your crazy stories and you using the word "gentiles." I'm glad we got over those akward moments.

Sam Sarlls - I love you. Because of you I now say something and want to then sing a song that is directly related to it. You have helped me love who I am more. You are awesome. I will miss hearing you sing.

Mitchell - You are awesome and amazing! I had so much fun with you at Halloween this year! I love your photography - keep it up!

Kyle - Thank you for always being so nice to me! You sersioulsy are great. I will certainly miss getting those skinny hugs from you!

Phil - Need I say more? I am still waiting for you to seranade me! You are so fantastic. There is no way that people cannot smile when you smile at them. I will miss giving you hugs - you always smell great!

I have almost run out of brain power....there are so many countless others that have helped me see the Savior.

This weekend was Stake Conference. I have felt so amazed by our Stake Presidency.

One story was of a girl named Modine. She was not the most attractice, intelligent girl. The kids made fun of her until a wise teacher prayed about what to do. He was inspired to give the kids in the class an assignment. He asked them to help her with her studies. The students then began to "root for Modine." They wanted her to succeed just as much as they wanted themselves to succeed. They began to love her. They all "fought" for time with her. After a short while that is what unified them.Not long after this miraculous change, Modine died in a plane accident. They were devestated, because they truly loved her.

When we act on promptings from the Spirit - we can bless others. We can change their life.Lets have charity instead of criticism.  So let's "Root for Modine" by rooting for our fellowmen.


  1. I love you. You are so wonderful and will bless SO many people on your mission. Now that you're leaving I want to be selfish and keep you all to myself...I guess I'll just have to send you a lot of love in the form of packages!


  2. Allison, you are amazing! You have so much love for people, all kinds of people. I am going to miss you, but you will be a wonderful missionary. I love you and I'm so glad I got to live with you. So excited to read your letters!

  3. Allison, You are so awesome! I love you! I am so excited for you. We will miss you so much here in Lubbock, but the people of Denver will now have the amazing blessing of having an Allison Spencer in there presence. You will be a blessing to them, just like you have been to us here. Thank you so much for your strength, your example, and your friendship. I am so glad we became such good friends. I am really going to miss you. Love, Chris
    PS. What does sawl mean?

  4. PALLISON!!! I love you and miss you!! You are such a great example and you will be a wonderful missionary!! See you in 18months!!!

  5. Oh Pal I just love you. Im so glad we became friends over the last year and a half. YOu are such a blessing in my life!!!