Monday, September 13, 2010

PJ Shrimp Magic

So this last weekend was incredible.

Great Friends!
Great Food!
Great Fun!
Great Friday!

It started off with PJ Shrimp - one of the best reasons for Life on this plane
Garrett, Melanie and I have discussed resurrecting PJ shrimp - but we wanted it bigger. 

We had lots of people come:
Melanie, Garrett, Sam, Chris, Isaac, Byran, Kip, Phil, Chris R., Kimberly, Adam, Kevin, Anna, and Me!

I also made a blueberry apple pie that was great! Happy Birthday Amish Anna! Recipe to come soon!

We talked, laughed, played games and listened and sang along to Phil jammin' out!

After that late night - I slept in. Took care of things and played Ticket to Ride with my Roommates! They are a bad influence because we played until the morning!

Then Sunday! I love Sundays....(I'm sorry if this is a boring post, but I just had a great Sunday). 
I had to I got to teach. I have been so blessed by my calling. I feel like I just know more what to study and how to ask questions. It has been really great for me - and hopefully my class. This week's lesson was on the Atonement. I love it. I love that that is the Central Theme of the gospel. I am only starting to understand that love that motivated our Savior to complete that near-impossible act and how its "infinite and eternal." I guess that is why we have our whole life to study Him.

We also had a fireside by Elder Scott. The message was wonderful - it was about dating and marriage. I really loved the way he spoke of his wife. Not to be cheesy, but thats what I want. I want to make a difference in someone's life - I want them to think of me that way - meaning I need to be like her. 

Now my "Manic Monday" is over. Life is good. God is Great!

So PJ Shrimp is awesome! Here is the link to the goodness!


  1. Hurray for PJ Shrimp! I'm glad you had such a good weekend.

  2. Oh, and you forgot Mike and Cameron!

  3. hiiiiiiiii!!!!!

    you're cute!

    i miss you!

    i really enjoyed the fireside as well! :)

    love you!