Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fido and Dating

Meet Fido. 

He is your typical dog. Good looking. Shiny fur coat. Likes to run and put stuff in his mouth. 

Can be quite messy - he pees by lifting up one leg. 

Likes to sniff and lick. Some times awkwardly. 

When in trouble gets sent to the dog house.

But, all in all he is a dog.

Meet the "more" than average male. 

He is your typical male. Good looking. Nice hair.
Likes to run and put stuff in his mouth (usually food).

Can be quite messy - if there is a toilet seat to be left up - don't worry he can handle it.

Likes the way girls smell....hopefully doesn't lick, but may awkwardly show affection.

When in trouble gets sent to the dog house.

But, all in all he is a boy. 

So a good friend has recently talked to me about a boy - who just is like Fido. 

I am not saying that boys are dogs - just that they do similar things. Women try to train boys like you would train a dog. I do not know if I agree with this entirely. 

However, I do think that there is something going on with the dating culture. 

What happened to the standard of asking girls out on dates. I am not saying that is doesn't happen anymore - just that it is almost old fashioned. 

Last night, a group of us went to the Temple to do baptisms. Afterwards, several of them wanted to go get ice cream. I wasn't going to go because I had already spent money on some Ben and Jerry's....yum. So I told this boy that he should go ask a girl to go with him. I told him say to her "Hey you (their name) - you are going to go get ice cream with me!" Knowing this boy, who is not creepy and good looking - no normal nice girl is going to say no just to say no (whether she has plans already is a different story).  So he points to me and says "Hey Allison - you are going to get ice cream with me!" And you know what I said yes.

He opened my door, bought my ice cream, made conversation, sat by me, sang along to Journey with me, took me back to my car and you know what I had a great time. It was just fun. Why can't dating be more like this all the time. 

So here are some of my thoughts...

Some boys don't ask girls out they suggest "hanging out." You can only do that so many times. What is wrong with dating. 

Also, why has the word "dating" turned into a huge commitment ? I do not get this. A date is simply stating I would like to spend this ___ amount of time with you. It does not mean automatically 1) That I am interested in a relationship with you 2) That we should get married for time and all eternity or 3) name your excuse. I am not saying that is doesn't mean those things .... lol because some of us had had that experience. BUT, more than likely its just a date. 

Also use a telephone for calling. Texting is not a proper way to ask anyone out. Calling is good and shows effort. 

Also, dates do not have to cost lots of money...they can even be free. Have fun. Be creative. 

Boys ask girls out. Girls accept. Both try to have a good time. 

Boys need to plan in advance. Ask at least the day before (unless the timing is appropriate. like last night). Know what you want to do, OR suggest something and see what she says. 

Be a gentleman. Open her door. Pay for her. Compliment her (there is always one good thing you can choose). Look like you tried. Have a good conversation. Walk her to her door. Be appropriate.

Girls be nice. He is opening your door, buying your food, complimenting you. Look like you tried. Have a good conversation. Be courteous. And say thank you. Be appropriate.

I am not saying that I am a dating expert. This is certainly not true, but these are things that are plain and simple. 

I really like going on dates and hope that in the future I get asked out on more. 

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