Monday, March 1, 2010

Friends who poop on your floor

So this weekend was really great!
I'm at work with nothing to do :( So what do I do, blog postSo as the previous post says...
I lost my phone to an automatic toilet :( ! I have a new phone, so :) !
Then on Saturday, I had to work and then I watched my nephew Kaleb!He is such a cutie! Kaleb stayed over night and boy did he kick that night. Good thing hes still cute.
Melanie and I had a record for the number of people who came over (not in a party setting) yesterday!Breakfast- I made crepes again! So...we thought we should invite people

-Charlie-Garrett-AldenWe had a good time....I really do love crepes

Melanie had a presidency meeting as well-Cathy-Shayla (middle one)-Meekayla( Right one)
Then my family stopped by
It was nice to just chat and visit
Then church....I really do love that every week I get to go and take the sacrament and feel uplifted. Its great! I really am going to miss my ward when I have to move. Its just like home to me. I've been attending for almost four years. The people have changed, but its still home. There are so many things that I love about it.
There was a funny moment...I went to the bathroom (It seems lots of funny times occur in bathrooms lately)....There was something wrong with one of the toilets in the girl's bathroom. The water would not stop running. So I go out into the hall and tell a member of the bishopric that there is something wrong. Well "pretty blue eyed boy" (lol) pipes in and says hes good with toilets. So then of course we go into the bathroom together. It was just funny, talking with a "pretty blue eyed boy" over a toilet, at church alone, in a girl's bathroom. Our conversation was funny also. We were discussing graduate school and he told me that right now I am at prime marrying age and if I go to Austin (and don't find a boy) then it might be to late to head up to Utah. Just a random story.

Dinner- Melanie and I made "Shrimp Chicken Goodness" or that is what Chris called it.
-Chris (Far Right)-Isaac (Sad no pictures of Isaac and I)We had a wonderful evening full of laughter. We made a good dish and ate a lot. Then we played Liverpool Rummy. Issac won. There were lots of good things that we laughed at...

My favorite part of the evening was when Melanie was in the living room and shouted "CHRIS!"
He replies "I didn't do it." Me and Issac looked around with confused faces! Melanie had just went to the in my head I was thinking something terrible had happened in there. However, apparently PJ pooped in the bathroom on our blue rug. LOL. Chris saw it but didn't say anything...but when Melanie came in it sounded like she was accusing Chris.

So the moral of the story is- don't invite Chris over because he poops on your floor...and talks bad about your state! lol.

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  1. I wasn't accusing Chris! I meant to berate him for not telling me that my cat had left a well-formed pattie on the rug RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TOILET! May that's the mark of someone being too nice, haha.