Monday, March 15, 2010

I might be crazy....

So tonight I went to Charlie's house. 

Last night he invited me over to do P90X!
Tonight was an hour and a half of yoga!

It was intense, but fun and manageable. I was going to try it tonight to decide if I should really do this as a workout. 

Lately, I feel like my body is slowly getting fatter and more out of shape (these are obviously undesirable)! So I am going to do something about it. I called my friend Katie Horton up to see if she was interested! We have discussed several ideas about working out. We now have a plan!

So P90X is a six day a week workout (you don't even have to do it on Sundays). It has several workout sessions that keep it interesting. It also has a nutrition side. These are each organized into 3 phases (30 month periods). Each workout is an hour is an hour and a half long. So this is a real goal! Charlie started 3 weeks ago and is loving it! 

I hope that I can do this and stay up with it! I guess we will see!


  1. 30 month, that's an even bigger commitment than I thought!

  2. lol...only 1 month would really suck