Thursday, March 4, 2010


So...I am in Albuquerque (before arriving I didn't know how exactly to spell it). I have a three hour layover.

I am on my way to salt lake city. I am so nervous about this trip to the University of Utah. When my plane was leaving the flat ground of Lubbock, I had a feeling of sadness wash over me. I really don't want to leave Lubbock. I love it so much. I think thats why I have been dragging my feet so much about this trip. I think there is a real possibility of me moving to Utah. That makes me so sad...not only do I have to leave the great state of TEXAS...but I have to leave everything I have ever loved. Writing that makes my eyes water.

Lubbock - I have lived in that area since I was 7 years old. Thats a long time. I remember when we first moved and even at seven I acted like a senior in high school at the thought of changing schools and moving to a new area. I am a little older now and my reaction is different in so many ways. I wish I could stay so badly. Maybe I should start praying to get married so I never have to leave (or at least never have to leave alone)! lol. I'm still a silly girl.

This move is going to change my life forever. Not only will I live in a new place, I am going to have to redefine myself. I associate Lubbock with a particular me. In Lubbock, I am confident, friendly, know how to get places, know where to find great cheap mexican food, know the stake, and most importantly I have friends there. But where ever I move all of these things will change.

Now I just sound mopey!

On a different note - airports are great to people watch. There is a catholic priest not too far down from me with a HUGE cross on. An older couple with a baby (could be their child or grandchild). A family with three children who also have tiny computers (wow is the world being changed by technology). There are so many elderly people. I am really not looking forward to my body getting older. When I travel I wonder why people are on the airplane. Who are they? Where are they going?

I feel like I should be productive with all this time. I think I will look over the people I am interviewing with to get a sense of what they do.

I really hope this weekend goes okay. I have at least 8 interviews, skiing, and seeing my sister Sam.

I do LOVE her and can't wait to see her!

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