Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 6th transfer here

Dear Familia y Amigos,

I am doing super swell! We are working super hard here. I don't have a lot of time today because I was writing my family!

So this last week was transfers! Nothing really changed that much. We got a new district leader. Hna. Thomas is still in her greenie area!

I can't even remember what happened last week except for a couple of stories.

On Tuesday we had an amazing day! We worked so hard....and ate just as much as we worked. I mean it....every house we went to gave us food. We were in the north that day and the first house we went to gave us beans, tortillas and chile. The next one gave us a snicker ice cream could I refuse that, I love them. Then we showed up at a new investigators house and she had prepared a full meal for us. We brought Finding Faith in Christ over to watch. It turns out that they didn't have a remote control and insisted on watching it in English. So we were in the kitchen eating this mean of pasta, beans, meat, chile and tortillas....ohh and soda...while this group of Mexicans is watching a movie in English.....also preparing ourselves for our dinner that was scheduled right after this appointment (ohh the library just gave me more time! YAY!) It was just so funny. We then went to our next appointment....dinner. It was the best dinner of my mission. It was just hilarious. We were so full.....So FULLISIMA! We ate with this super cute family and talked about funny things. Also we ate habero...which I love. They loved watching us eat chile. We were just dying laughing the whole time. We were so full that day and it was just a great day because we saw so many people we love. We also met this lady working on her yard. She has not been able to have children and adopted a child from Mexico. They won't let her bring her daughter here and it is really hard for her. We ended up saying a pray with her in the middle of the street. She cried and It was really one of the best contacts ever. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. Right before that we sang to this guy and he got out his wallet and paid us $5 for our song Bahahahahhaha! We then gave to another guy to go to the hospital.

So that day was fun!

Yesterday marked one year since I went to the temple for the first time. I love the temple so much and am so glad that I was and am able to go. We went to dinner with a family from our ward. The wife is American and the husband is Mexican. They both speak Spanish. He plays the guitar and she plays the piano. They both sing. They are a really cool family. He talked to us about how he feels a hunger to talk to God and how music helps him. He plays so beautifully. I felt the Spirit so strong and because of his words I felt a desire to speak to my Heavenly Father. We talked about the need to cry to God. I feel like I get so tired that I have no energy to pray with all of my heart. I have been studying prayer. I love how the Bible Dictionary says that prayer is work and is the way to obtain the highest of all blessings. I need these blessings. Last night, after a really hard day with my companion, I got on my knees and really talked to my Father. I felt His love and His Spirit and knew that things would get better. I know that my mission needs to be hard. I know that I am learning more than I realize. I really hope that all of you reading this will think about your relationship with your Father. How are your prayers? How do you feel when you pray? Do you feel like you give it your all? Do you feel like He answers them? You should write me and tell me about it. I know that God is so aware of us. Yesterday the testimony of an investigator helped me to know this. He said that when he went to a church activity (when they really didn't want to go) he walked into the building and felt the love of God and knew he needed to get baptized. As missionaries we did nothing....well we did invite him to the activity....but God did it. He loves us so much. Manuel is progressing so much.

I love you all and Love being a missionary!

Hermana Spencer

P.S. Ashish - I got your letter! Expect one soon!

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