Thursday, October 27, 2011

yay denver 4th!

Hello Family and Friends!

I am writing from beautiful Denver! I am also not getting transferred....this means half of my mission is here in Denver 4th! I am obviously super excited to be here again. So please send me some mail .... I haven't gotten any in quite some time :)

So news....
So the news. Juan and Hilda are praying for a baptismal date. They are really excited about getting married and baptized. We have had a lot of great experiences with them as of late. They are just progressing so much. We can't even take credit for this...they are just prepared.
Manuel is progressing so much. Yesterday, we had a great lesson in which he bore his testimony. We sang "Nearer My God To Thee" and Manuel said that he just felt something enter and leave peace.  We taught the Plan and it was just so wonderful. I knew the Spirit was there because I learned so much. It was amazing. He is  now praying for a baptismal date. This is a big step because he has been taught a lot by other missionaries and has had a couple of baptismal dates. He had a wonderful time at church yesterday. It will probably be in December...who knows maybe I will still be here.
Mary sadly will not be baptized this week. Her dad doesn't really understand and so we are going to look for a family that speaks English to help us with him. Hopefully this will get better.

So this last week was really good. Hna. Coughlen is training in Grand Junction...which means that there is a good possibility that I train next transfer. I got really nervous last week that I was going to get transferred. ....Thank goodness no! People are even excited that I will be staying. YAY! Hno. Rivera is doing great as our ward mission leader. Many less actives are making great steps to progress.

Funny moments....
Yesterday after greeting a less active member with a kiss.....(she is a girl....and that's what you do in the Spanish kiss on the cheek.....I kiss probably 20 people most days) and her of our investigators asked us, "where is my kiss?" He may or may not have been drinking. .... so yeah

Hna. Romero is just super funny all the time. She will randomly roll down the window and wave at people. She is really sad that she did not get her goal of contacting someone in the form of chasing them on a bike....hopefully this happens soon.

Elder Valdes is a missionary that I have served around a couple of times. Something happened in his area and so he is with our Elders. He is from Mexico and learned English here. We have come to the agreement that Hna. Romero and I are going to visit him in Mexico after our missions. I will learn to speak better Spanish and we will see if this actually is true.

Elder Ovalle today was cold after we ate lunch with Hilda and I gave him my long coat as a joke....well it fit him. ... :( He then proceeded to wear it in walmart. It didn't look to girly so he was okay but his companion didn't let me live it down the whole time. I learned last week that I am 4 years older than him....we wouldn't have even been in high school together. By the way family....his dad's name is Hector Maldonado...crazy huh!?!

I love being a missionary. I am so amazed by the way the Lord has helped me. I really want to change....I want you all to see me different because of my mission. I love that the Lord magnifies my small acts and that he helps us with our weaknesses. I honestly feel like this is the only time when I am really when I am weak with the Lord's help. This last week in district meeting everyone trained. It was a very powerful district meeting. I talked about being motivated an optimistic. I really am glad that the Lord helps us stay happy.

I love you all!

Please write and pray lots!
Hermana Spencer

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