Monday, October 3, 2011

La Conferencia General

Dear the best people in the world,

So I can't even remember what happened this week besides conference. I will try to remember.

Han. Romero found out what is wrong with her knee and they are hoping physical therapy will work.

I trimmed a was actually a lot of fun...I only have a couple of scratches!

We had a great district meeting this week. Two very recent converts came to talk about what helped them and ways to improve. I remembered why I am on a mission. It was so wonderful to see the changes that happened in their lives. The lady had really bad anxiety and was afraid to talk or leave the house. She ended up talking to the missionaries and her whole life changed. This is for Cathy! She said "The LDS church is like Texas....its just so friendly. It was like coming home." She is from San Angelo.
The other guy is Jovan. He is like 20 or 21. He just got baptized a week ago. He came with a missionary name tag....with his name taped on. He just loved it. He has already felt so much happiness. He loves the church. He wanted to joint the church just so he could make a profile :) (BY the way you should all make some and tell me and I will show people them :) ) We all then went out to lunch and he tried to buy my wendy's. lol.....

Conference - I love conference so much. Really it is the best thing in the world. Saturday morning we watched conference at Juan and Hilda's house. It started out really crazy. Right before we got there, their nephew fell and hit his he ended up going to the hospital. When his mom got home....she got a little crazy and there was a lot of yelling. We were in the basement watching apostles speak....and who knows how much domestic violence was going on up stairs ...just kidding..... a little. They loved conference though after things quited down a little. I loved that President Uchtdorf talked about TEXAS!

My Spanish definitely has gotten a lot better. I didn't understand everything...but I got the jist of things. I listened to a couple of talks in English and it is amazing how your language touches your heart. I loved President Monsons. Lately, I have heard about a lot of disobedience and it has made me really sad. Sometimes it is hard not to want to be disobedient because it looks like more fun. I loved that President Monson talked about this very thing. He said that the world does look appealing, but happiness and peace are only found through the Spirit. You can only have the spirit if you are obedient. I felt like the themes were BOM, obedience, personal revelation and how to be happy! I loved the talk about the BOM and why we need it. I also loved the Saturday afternoon talk about "it is better to look up." I find my self "looking down" sometimes and it is just so much better to look up to God and ask Him for help.

Being on a mission is the best thing ever. I love feeling God's love. I love telling other people that there is peace and happiness. I love helping people know that there is just so much more in their life. I loved the talk about missionary work yesterday. I just want to love everyone and help them feel the spirit.

I love all of you and can't wait to hear from you!

Your favorite missionary!

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