Monday, February 28, 2011

D 5/8 Road and Another Week in the Mission

Dear Family and Friends,

First off I love you all and am so grateful that I have people that like reading my letters, writing me and most importantly praying for me. I really need all of these.

So you are probably wondering about the title of my email. Grand Junction has really odd street names. They have names like 32, 28 1/2, and then roads like D 5/8. How odd is that. They even have a Road Ave. Ever since I have been here I have wanted to tell you all about the crazy roads. So I made sure to do it this week.

So Miryam was baptized on Saturday. It was so great. It was a little stressful all in all. 1 hour before we were worried about the special musical number (Hermana Day and I .....crazy I know), the programs (we didn't know if they would make it), and people coming to support Miryam. Well lets just say that prayers really are answered. Everything went lovely. Right before the baptism started our Mission President decided to show up :) So he was there and it was great. We had a spanglish baptism because she knows so many people. Our special musical number went fine. We sang Venid a Mi (Come Follow Me) and I even did the alto part...BY MY SELF....that is definitely a first. The talks were great and the spirit was there and there were non-members/less actives etc!!!!!!! All in all it was great. Ohh the only odd thing was a dog present. A little one :) Luckily it didn't make too much noise.

Yesterday was the confirmation. Which is always my favorite for some reason. I love how every time I hear the words "Receive the Holy Ghost" no matter what the language. I always feel the spirit strongly. I love the power of the spirit in my life. I have seen it over and over again.

So it looks like I am going to be driving soon...maybe tomorrow. So that will be a change. I would appreciate your prayers with this. Luckily Grand Junction is not to crazy, but our area is huge and I haven't driven in 3 months. Well I know that I will be fine, but I am still a little nervous.

So since I just wrote on Thursday I will tell you all a little more about my life:

So I live with members who attend an English Ward here. They are really nice and occasionally bake things for us. We live in a pretty nice house in a nice neighborhood. We drive a Corolla ( I really can't think of how to spell that). It actually reminds me a Laynes car lol.

We eat quite a bit of beans. Which I luckily love. We serve in a branch with 2 other Elders. I love our branch. They are always so nice to me. It is really interesting to see a branch with lots of new members. So things at times do not go as planned. We have alot of fun with everyone. I am amazed at how busy Sundays are at times.

P-days They are almost like other days, but we are just busy with different things. We go to walmart, wash the car and email. On days like today we have an interview with our mission president. Who by the way is fantastic. We also do laundry at home. We then either do something fun or we take a nap and write letters. I like to write letters because I get them :) Just so you know sometimes writing is a great sacrifice. I am so tired. The Lord really gives me strength to always get up at 6:30 and to do everything that day with a smile. I am so very grateful He loves His missionaries.

We are so excited for this week. It already looks like a great week. I just want to let all of you know that missions are a refining period of time. I didn't realize how prideful I was....sometimes it still surprises me how humble I need to be. Spanish is coming along. I really do love the language and can't wait till I can speak more. At times it is frustrating when you know exactly what would help them, but you can't say it. I have been amazed at what I can say with my limited vocabulary.

I know that this is a special work. The Lord's hand is really in it. I see it so often when I am paying attention. I am amazed at how many prayers I need to say some days. I no longer worry as much about what exactly I will need to say because the Lord really does fill my mouth and at times I can't even remember what I said. So everyone help the missionaries. Think of people that you know that need the gospel - pray about it. Be a Member Missionary!

I love you all and look forward to all of your mail (hint hint) ohh and if you have time write Hermana Day!

Hermana Spencer

Shout Outs:
Cathy, Mom, and Grandma - Thank you for the packages! I really felt loved!
Anna, Katie, Meekayla - Thank you so much for the letters!
Elder Seipert's Mom - Thank you so much the letters esp. from Elder Seipert. Tell him I say hi!

I hope I got everyone! I really appreciate all of them!

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