Friday, February 25, 2011

Sister's Conference and Rosa

Dear Family and Friends!

I love all of you so much....especially the ones that write me :)

Grand Junction is great. We are having a good week already. I wasn't able to write on Monday because of President's Day and then because we had a sister's conference.

So let me try to remember last week. We did not reach our goal sadly. One day no one was home...we had appointments the whole day and most of them we decided to get some ice cream. A member owns a Dairy and we get free homemade ice cream. That cheered us up a bit and then the day got better. We were able to teach alot.

I want to talk about this week more than anything else. We had 6 investigators at church. I also got to see someone pay tithing for the first time. Watching that was amazing. I knew how much faith it took for that women to pay tithing. Also just seeing all of them at church filled me with joy. I mean that. I sat in awe for a couple of minutes just so happy.

The next day, we didn't really have a P-day, we drove to Denver. When we first got there we decided to meet up with Hermana Thomas and Hermana Wilkerson (Hermana Day's MTC Comp)! I was so happy to see her. I really didn't expect to be that happy. We talked about how we feel about Spanish, the Members, the work! She feels the same way I do! We feel at times like we do not know anything and that it is never going to get better. BUT, I know I felt better after talking to her. We were at a bowling alley....and that was in jeans....:) Then we went to the mission home to be greeted by our mission president and his wife. We had such a good time. We ate dinner, talked about mission stuff, sang and talked. I met all of the sisters in the mission. There are 19 of us this transfer. I was amazed by all of them. I loved talking to them and meeting all of them. There will only be 6 Hermanas after this transfer. One is coming out of the MTC and 2 are going home. This means we have no idea where people are going. Hermana Day and Hermana Wilkerson are the only old Hermanas. Hermana Coffee (a nickname) has only been out a transfer longer than Hermana Thomas and I. So I am excited to see what happens. Sisters Conference was great because I really felt the importance of improving and it was great to reflect on my short time here. I have already seen small miracles - like fitting food in my stomach after my second dinner that day (by the way I feel horrible for making the Sister Missionaries in Lubbock eat so much). Or just talking in Spanish. Randomly I get called on to pray, teach primary, and bear my testimony. We also got to go to the Denver Temple! I just thought of Katie and Cathy and thought...they sat here too :)

We drove back on Tuesday night. Yesterday was AMAZING.

We have a  new progressing investigator. She has been investigating for a long time. Her son wants to get baptized but she wouldn't let him. She is now investigating and I really think we can put her on date :) Also our investigator that is getting baptized this weekend :) Miryam invited her friend Rosa last week to an appointment. We didn't even know that she was coming. We taught about tithing and fasting and Rosa asked questions. She didn't seem too interested, but she asked us to make an appointment with Miryam when she could come! So yesterday Miryam had her baptismal interview and we took Rosa on a short tour of the church. I felt the spirit so strongly when we were talking about the gospel. We were talking about a couple of things and she said - this sounds so familiar.  We told her the story of Joseph Smith and the spirit was there. We then talked about the Holy Ghost with her. She said that she felt it last week when we taught her and Miryam and that's why she wanted to meet with us again. SO I have HIGH hopes for this one! The Lord has really been working on her. She wants to be taught more!

So things are great! We are busy but life is good. I miss all of you so much some times. I think of random experiences at times.

Please continue to send your love to Colorado!

Hermana Spencer

Shout Outs:
Meekayla - Thank you for your letters I will reply this week!
Cathy - Thank You for the talks and the letters! You just make me smile!

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