Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Week in the Field!

Dear Familia y Amigos!

So I am here! I am so happy to be writing you all. So I will try to tell you lots. The first day we had orientation. Hermana Thomas and I met President Maynes and Sister Maynes at the airport. They were just great. We rode with them all the way to the temple, where we took pictures (which should be coming your way). Then we went to the mission office and met all the staff and had lunch. I then met with my mission president for the first time. He told me that sister missionaries have a higher chance of getting married and they have more kids. I wasn't exactly sure why he told me this, but I guess it is good to know. lol. I really enjoyed meeting with him. Then we had some activities with the APs. We had more food and more talking and we were just so exhausted.

Ohh and the end of the MTC was great. I just realized it has been a long time since I have been able to write.

Then on Tuesday we got lots of snow. We stayed at the mission home and left for transfer meeting. So....drum roll.....I am in Grand Junction. I was moved out west. Hermana Thomas stayed in Denver. My trainer's name is Hermana Day. We had to drive forever to get here because of the snow. It took quite a while. So Grand Junction - we get sonic and dry cleaning for free! Just thought you all would like to know. We live with members.

Hermana Day is from New Zealand/Georgia. She has been out like 9 months and graduated from BYU. We cover the whole area of Grand Junction. Our Branch here is very big. I love the members here. We have a good amount of investigators and less actives and recent converts that we are working with. My first day we, I mean Hermana Day, put a wonderful investigator on date - Sonia. She is absolutely great. She has a daughter that is almost on date. She wants to get baptized, but has a fear of water. Our other investigator with a date is Miriam. She is twenty and is so amazing. She is getting baptized next week. We work with a lot of less actives and part member families. Many of the people we meet with are very poor. A lot of them live in trailers. I love so many of them already. My favorite is Hermana Landrum. She is less active and loves having the missionaries over. She just makes me laugh so hard. The other night we met with her and taught her about tithing. Hermana Day and I really felt the power of our calling. We were able to testify powerfully. I just can't wait to see this hermana return to church.

So my espanol.......is fun......hahaha. I can understand people over 50% already, which is alot. Sometimes I have to wait until I fully know what is going on before I comment. However, I have made a lot of progress with just not being scared to open my mouth. Even the first day I was able to do more than I thought I could. Yesterday in church, I had to get up and introduce myself. It was hard, but I did it in my perfect spanish :) I really do love the people. Every one of them had been so patient with me. Hermana Day helps me out alot as well.

So I will probably be here for several months. That is the trend with Sisters here...especially Hermanas. I love it already. I have already helped make talmales! One thing that is odd for me is kissing peoples cheeks. I just never really thought about it before, but it is becoming easier :).

This last week we taught 32 lessons. This week we are hoping to get to 45. Which is very possible. I am very excited about my spanish and am glad that I have alot of time to progress. We are really busy. But I am so glad that we are. We have done a little tracking, and I have had the door shut on me....not super rudely.

Well I love you all and would really like mail:

Hermana Spencer
c/o Jarvis Family
2872 Bear Canyon Ct.
Grand Junction, CO 81503

Life is great. Some moments I really struggle inside, but I have been able to do everything that I have needed to do. I am surprised at how positive I have been. I am really excited about everything.

I won't be able to email till Tuesday because of the Holiday!

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!

Hermana Spencer

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