Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 11th Commandment

Lately life has been very interesting, certainly comical. (and a little boring). 

One thing that has made me giggle is Melanie.
We can always have a nice giggle together! I think that is very important. Whether it be about the trash can hissing, or about the ghetto shower curtain. We can always laugh. 

 Lately, we have been watching Jane Eyre. I have never seen it before (its on YouTube, incase you didn't know). It was very interesting and good. 

A girl, in the show talks about how the 11th commandment is to let yourself love. LOL. 

I think thats okay...but I think the 11th commandment should be SOMO!

Another tradition of Melanie and I, is to watch the last scene from North and South. 

Thank you Melanie!


  1. Or how bout laughing...because Allison is digging in the trash for her new shirt.

  2. ...sshhhh! It should be a secret that I dumpster dive for my clothes!