Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today I was a grown up!

So I used to think that you were a grownup when you were like 19...So untrue.

Then I thought you were a grownup when you had a Christmas tree.

A friend then told me that when you own a washer a dryer you are a grownup

I have these things and some times I am not sure!

However, TODAY I was a grownup!

I woke up and went to work! I made lots of phone calls. Answered emails. Made appointments. Took care of my flight info that got messed up. I went and visited someone for my calling. Came home and ate dinner. Went to my girls camp meeting and am now waiting to pick up someone from the airport. I know that sounds boring, but hey thats probably what being a grownup is all about!
*At my girls camp meeting they knew I was a leader (I guess I don't look 14 lol)


On another note....someone keeps mowing my lawn and I don't know who does it. Every time we decide to mow our lawn, we come home and our lawn is mown! 

Seriously! Last night Melanie borrowed a lawn mower and today our lawn was mowed! 

Phantom Mower of Lawns Thank you!

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  1. What is a grownup? I have no idea. When I was a kid I used to think it meant you were married and had kids. When I was in college I thought it meant you were independent. I first thought I'd grown up when I was 23 (graduated from college). Then 24 (huge steps in overcoming shyness). Then 26 (began first real job). Then 27 (understood that life sucks--and responsibility galore!). Then 28 (accepting that life isn't always going to be wonderful but I can keep going, stop thinking of my own comfort so much, and be happy about it--even amidst hardship our capacity for joy can keep growing).

    I suspect I finally became a grownup about 3 weeks ago.