Monday, November 7, 2011

Miracles, Snow and Struggles

My dear family and my wonderful friends,

It is I, Hermana Spencer, once again writing you of my travels and adventures. This last week was a doozy! It was wonderful to see the hand of the Lord in the lives of the people we teach. I feel extremely blessed to know them and love them.

So first off! MIRACLES

This week an amazing thing happened with Hilda and Juan. Last Sunday, we went by and talked about miracles and through faith miracles come to pass. All of the children were praying for a miracle. They were having a lot of money issues and were supposed to move. On Tuesday, we went to help them move and were told by Juan that there is no doubt in his mind that the church is true and that he wants to get baptized!!!!!!!!!! Hilda later told us of the miracle that happened.
1. Hna. Rivera came by and gave them some great advice when she learned what was going on with them. She went by just to see how Hilda was doing! Hilda listened to her.
2. Hilda owes her mom money and her mom was really upset with them. When her mom came to get the money, she didn't ask for all of it. She also didn't yell. All of them were astonished and thought this cannot be her.
3. The bishop helped them out.
4. He sister gave them some money.
5. The land lady let them wait for 3 more days until Juan got paid.
6. Another lady helped them out.
Basically, everything worked out that they could move and pay everything. It was amazing. The ward even helped. They all want to get baptized. Hilda cried when she told us this story. Alonzo could not believe how wonderful the Lord was with them. I honestly had no idea how Heavenly Father would help them. I am so indebted to Him. This family is now scheduled to get baptized the 26th! They will also be getting married :) I love this whole family and am so grateful.

This last week was a really hard week for lessons and everything but we are seeing our prayers answered. Yesterday we had a lot of great lessons planned and were really excited about the day. It was a great day at church. I love fasting as a missionary. I feel like I should fast more often because that is always when I feel the Spirit the most. I knew that I needed to bear my testimony. Every time that I have gotten up to bear my testimony, Spanish just leaves my mouth. It truly is a miracle every time. I love this ward so much. I fasted to feel comforted and for some other things. I secretly wanted to feel loved...but what I got was so much better. I felt love for others. All of these crazy Hispanics that I was not able to understand for so long, have become so much to me. I love them with a love that I have never felt before. I am so glad that Heavenly Father is changing my heart. We also were able to meet most of our goals yesterday. We had put 4 new investigators down as our goal. We started yesterday off with one. We went to check on a less active and it just so happened that her friends were there. Heavenly Father helped us so much in that lesson to teach boldly and with the Spirit. We have an appointment with them this Saturday and I am really excited to teach them. There are just so many great things happening here!

It also snowed last week. It was great and it wasn't too bad where we couldn't drive. We loved it. I even got to experience the ABS on the car :) I'm glad that it worked. It kept us from sliding into an intersection.

So, at times I have been really discouraged. I am definitely on the uphill part of getting back to where I was. This week my mission president called me. We talked about a lot of things and it was really great to know that he cares. I am pretty sure that I will be getting transferred. I am sad to leave, but I really think this will happen. So the most likely thing that will happen is white washing and training......but that just sounds crazy! I am so glad that we have the scriptures.

Ohh by the way I am singing I have a dream by ABBA in the ward talent show with a 12 year old!


Hermana Spencer
P.S. Happy  Birthday Katelynn!

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