Monday, January 3, 2011

Semana Numero Tres

Hola Famila y Amigos,

Three weeks!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. It was a rumor that we were able to email on Christmas - however, we were able to write some letters! Christmas was very relaxing. So here is what occurred:

Christmas Eve - we had a wonderful time in class. Our teacher made all of us plan of salvation foamies! I loved it. We also got to see another one of the classes act out the nativity which was so funny. Then we were assigned to teach our class part of the Christmas story. We had the story in the Book of Mormon. I am so amazed at the faith that they had. I love that Nephi went and prayed and Christ answered his prayer and said that He was coming. I love that there was no darkness, only light. Christ is really the light of the world. We then were able to have a Christmas Eve Fireside - we waited in line along time to find out it was a member of the MTC Mission Presidency lol. It was great though. We also watched Mr. Kruegers Christmas and it was great because it reminded me of home.

The next morning, CHRISTMAS! We woke up at the normal 6:30a.m. We got ready and opened our presents. Thank you so much to everyone that send me things. It was funny to see what we were excited about. I loved the Texas Sunshine mom! I was also excited about face lotion!?! We were all grateful for things that we normally would have been like que? My companion loves Hot Cheetos and she recieved a box full of them! It was so funny. She is so funny. She was so excited to open presents probably more than anyone I know. We then went to breakfast and then to the Talent Show. It was AWESOME! Elder Petersen, my district, did a magic trick. He was super I have no idea how he does what he does even when he does it right in front of me. So many missionaries had great talents. One of the most memorable one was when a group of Russians got up and sang "you a missionary now" to the tune of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It was a little strange but hilarious. Most acts sang/ played the guitar/both! One Sister sang a song I can't think of the name right now....ahhhh (when you have the time ticking down it gets kinda of stressful lol). So many of them were great. Then we ate a great turkey lunch and packed our sack breakfasts. We then went to our devotional and guess who came........Russel M. Nelson! He was great. He read us the Christmas Story...and for some reason I really liked that I got to hear the Christmas story from an apostle. He talked about the Savior and blessed us and our familes! It was so wonderful. That night we were lucky enough to hear two men act out A Christmas Carol. They were so talented. It was great. President Smith (MTC Pres) gave us some scriptues to read about Christ that night and it was great to see how the prophecies have been fulfilled. I love it so much! Isiah is so wonderful. I also got to take pictures with Veronica and Alex Washburn.

Then Sunday! I did not get called on to speak. YAY! My spanish is getting better. I can now teach and bear my testimony about so many things. My teaching skills definately need to improve. I am so glad that I get to be here for nine weeks. I would freak out if I was leaving soon. Sunday was so great. In Relief Society, Sister Nelson spoke to us. AND GUESS WHO ELSE CAME...........Sherri Dew! She didn't speak to us, but it made me giggle because I was in RS with Sherri Dew (this reminds me of Evonne, someone tell her for me!). Sister Nelson was such a great speaker. She told us about companions and how important it is to have good friends on your mission and after. I wish I could share more with all of you. Sacrament was great. I loved what my branch president said. He spoke about Haiti. He volunteered last year when all of that happened. I loved hearing about it. I really cannot believe that things can get so bad. I was so touched. I know that we all have opportunites to help people in this world. I love that the gospel teaches love! Ohh I love it so much.

Today we were able to clean the Temple! It was great. I got to clean one of the chandaliers and vaccum. It was so simple and yet so beautiful. On  the way there we were attacked by snow and slush. By the time we got there my companion was soaked and I might as well not have dried my hair! It was so much fun though. I love the temple and can't wait until it is open again. Today is just full of cleaning and laundry. Ohh i almost forgot, right before we were going to come here my companions hair spray exploaded and everyone was screaming and hairspray was going every where and luckily i covered it with a towel and rushed it out of there. It was so funny.

Also I am getting better at volleyball! I am actually enjoying it! I love life so much. It is hard but ohh so worth it.

This week the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation have really hit my heart. I will share more about this next week!

I love all of you. Please continue to write and know how much I appreciate them!

Hermana Spencer

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